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Love Hemp Review – The UK’s #1 CBD Brand?

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You don’t just want any CBD, right? And I get it. But with so many choices, it’s hard to choose. Our Love Hemp review is here to guide you through the maze, so you can decide if this popular UK brand is right for you.

Love Hemp Review – Organic CBD Oils and Products

The UK’s Fastest-growing CBD Product Brand, Selling Online, in Their Own Stores, and with Top UK Companies (Incl. Holland & Barret).

  • Overall Rating: 8/10
  • Price: Variable
  • Best Place to Purchase:
  • Customer Love Hemp Reviews: Very Positive
  • Guarantee:
    • 6 month best before date in advance after dispatch;
    • 30-day return policy if unopened;
    • Tracked and insured delivery.

What is Love Hemp? Well, it’s in the name! Love Hemp Ltd. are the UK’s fastest-growing CBD brand, providing trusted, high-quality, and legal CBD products, ranging from oils to skincare and more.

But they’re not the only brand offering quality CBD – no one is! So how do they compare, why do they stand out, and what makes them worth it – if they are?

Read on and find out, as we cover an unbiased and honest look at all of this and more in this Love Hemp review.

Pros – What Makes Love Hemp the UK’s #1?

It’s Pure

The number one factor you want to look for to ensure quality hemp products is purity.

Basically, if it’s highly refined, extracted poorly, or contains additives, it’s just not the real deal. Fortunately, Love Hemp has the real deal – and it’s fully legal in the UK.

Their products contain concentrated, medicine-grade Cannabidiol (CBD), and keep out the Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Let’s look at what that means…

THC is what typically gives the “high” we often associated with cannabis, and is currently still illegal in the UK. CBD, on the other hand, gives a milder calming effect and still offers many impressive health benefits.

We’ll cover this topic in-depth in a future post, but since you’re here, you’re probably already aware how great natural CBD can be for us!

High-Grade Organic Hemp

Linking to the above point about purity, Love Hemp go a step further by using only certified 100% organic hemp in their products. As their website claims, this is grown in Colorado using specific plant breeding to get even more CBD.

Overall, we can see that not all hemp companies do this. In fact, a fair number of higher-priced competitors such as don’t offer the same grade.

This is why Love Hemp stand out, and from a review standpoint, is likely their reason for such rapid growth in the UK.

Combined purity, organic farming, and careful selection create a synergy of luxury that stands out in the UK market… It has to come at a price, right?

Let’s look at that…

Pricing and Love Hemp Discount Codes – Save Money

We all love to save money.

AND, we all love to feel good. (That’s the product’s job).

Love Hemp maintain an excellent reputation not just for quality, but also for pricing. On the regular, the company offers site-wide discounts, offers, and official Love Hemp discount codes.

Currently, they’re giving all customers 3 discount codes to use on any products they purchase:

  • Spend £40 – Save 30% with code ‘SAVE30’;
  • Spend £70 – Save 40% with code ‘SAVE30’;
  • Spend £100 – Save 50% (!) with code… Yep, ‘SAVE50’.

Considering that CBD is a high-grossing market, and comes at a price to match (although Love Hemp is notably cheap), these price ranges aren’t unreasonable for single or multiple purchases.

Extra Discounts for Students and Key Workers:

Love Hemp are also offering a 10% student discount for students who sign up for a free account with Student Beans! This is a top discount site that updates students with all sorts of food & drink, fashion, health products, tech, and more exclusive discounts available to them.

Click here to learn more.

What’s more, Love Hemp truly show their support during these times. How? With a 40% ‘Blue Light card’ discount for the UK’s NHS, Social Care, Emergency Services, and Armed Forces.

Save now with Love Hemp discount codes

It’s great to see a company helping customers out so much during these tough times, but they’re generous by nature anyway!

Free UK Delivery Options – Save More Money

Another pro of buying anything Love Hemp online is the shipping. With such a wide variety of products (see next point), online customers can often get all they need, and in the quantities they need.

For this reason, Love Hemp offers all UK orders above £30 free tracked first-class delivery (2-4 days).

However, even if you don’t spend £30, you’re still eligible for free delivery! This is a site-wide free tracked second-class delivery option (4-6 working days) offered on all qualified UK purchases.

Other options are mostly paid, and include:

  • UK Delivery:
    • Special Delivery (Guaranteed by 1pm next working day if ordered before 3pm) – £3.99 or Free for orders above £100.
    • Saturday Delivery (Guaranteed by 1pm on Sunday if ordered before 3pm on Friday) – £8.99
  • International Delivery:
    • Tracked & Signed Airmail Delivery (3-10 working days) – £11.99
    • Express Courier Delivery (1-5 working days) – £29.99

Offering these services is ideal for more urgent or busy customers, and for those of you out there who aren’t purchasing from the UK.

However, I do think it would be better to see a free option for international customers based on certain qualified orders, too. Since the Love Hemp UK market is by far their largest, this isn’t yet available.

P.S. Due to state laws, Love Hemp cannot ship directly to specific areas in the US. Click here for a full list and details.

Wide Variety of Products

Whilst some companies specialise in offering a few products, Love Hemp take a broader approach. If you’re interested in quality and legal CBD products, there’s sure to be something for you here.

In particular, if you’re new to the market, there’s nothing better than to have an amazing selection to get started with! Here’s an overview:

Product Overview

CBD OilsLarge selection of Love Hemp CBD oils, sprays, and capsules (including vegan).
Different strength and amount options available.
Different carrier oils available.
CBG (Cannabigerol) – another beneficial, natural cannabinoid – is also available.
Recommended doses provided.
Flavourings used in some oils (dependant on the flavour selected).
Edibles Love Hemp offer a unique Hemp Water, which is also sold in some supermarkets and health stores (such as Holland and Barret).
Infused with natural CBD.
The gummy bears are low in sugar (currently unavailable).
Recommended doses provided.
The chocolate edibles contain unhealthy ingredients, including added sugar and flavourings.
Cosmetics The body salve is made with only organic, natural ingredients.
Love Hemp offer a unique CBD-infused face mask.
Only two cosmetics currently available: Body salve and face mask.
Vaping CBD infused into the vape liquids and crystals. Vaping may damage the lungs, and is not the ideal method to take CBD.
Flavourings are used in some of the vape liquids.
Merchandise 100% renewable energy and materials to make shirts and hoodies.
Simple, stylish designs and size / colour selections.
Eco-friendly hemp straws and tote bags (better than plastic, biodegradable).
No information given on snapback cap materials or manufacturing.

About Their Unique Love Hemp CBD Face Masks

The UK’s first hemp face mask! Their 100% cotton bio-cellulose masks are designed to nourish the skin with a deep hydrating cleanse.

Fun fact: Bio-cellulose is a fancy way of saying that the fibres are extremely thin – as fine as 20 nanometres, in fact.

This is excellent for reaching into pores, attracting moisture, and is durable (^).

By infusing pure hemp oil and herbal extracts, the face masks provide the benefits of reduced fine lines, more supple skin, and a fresher feel. This is how they’re marketed by Love Hemp, at least…

But we have to see how this is in practice – onto the reviews!

Top Reviews

Yep, we’re also looking at other Love Hemp reviews in our own Love Hemp review!

It’s important to look at customer experience with any product or service, and fortunately, most of the Love Hemp reviews we’ve found are overwhelmingly positive!

Let’s take a look at the Love Hemp reviews on their website, and then we’ll compare this with Trustpilot.

P.S. And to answer your question about the face masks – apparently they really do work!

Official Website Love Hemp Reviews:

Here are just some of their top products, and what people are saying about them:

  • Love Hemp CBD Oil – 10ml (300-4000mg strength):
Love Hemp Review Love Hemp CBD Oil - Organic

Five customers have reviewed Love Hemp’s CBD oil on the official website, and they’re all positive. This means there are currently no bad reviews from their 5 years of service. Therefore, 80% of these reviews were about the customers’ surprise at the effectiveness of the oil! It’s worth noting that CBD can be used in so many ways, so it’s hard to know exactly what it did to help these customers.

Five 5-Star Reviews (2020)

Price dependent on strength

  • Love Hemp All-natural Body Salve:

Both of the current reviewers appear to be repeat users, mentioning how useful the body-conditioning salve is for all sorts of purposes. Another pro here is the smell – you’ll get healthier and better-smelling skin (win-win, right)!

Two 5-Star Reviews (2020)

  • Love Hemp CBD Cellulose Fibre Mask (Nano-emulsified):

Describing a relaxing 30 minutes using the mask, one user was impressed with the “life in the mask”, allowing her to also treat her hands and use as a face rub the next day! The big pro was the overall effect: hydrated and soft-feeling skin.

One 5-Star Review (2020)

Trustpilot Reviews:

This is where we get the real picture – Trustpilot is called Trustpilot for a reason, and users share all sorts of positive and negative reviews.

Trustpilot Love Hemp Reviews 4.7 Stars

Where does the company stand with over 650 reviews here alone? Well, at a fantastic 4.7 / 5 Stars.

That means almost 90% of Love Hemp reviews left 5-star feedback.

Compared to competitors such as World of Hemp (3.6 Stars) and others with few reviews to go by, this puts them ahead of the game.

Here’s what people are saying:

The Good:

  • Excellent service
  • Quick delivery
  • Decent prices
  • Great range of products
  • Relieved anxiety
  • Decreased inflammation
  • Less joint pain
  • Improved asthma
  • “Amazing” difference from using the face mask
  • Even improved syptoms for cats (Yep, CBD is used for animals, too)!

The Bad:

  • Some products are expensive
  • Low stock levels
  • A few orders weren’t delivered, or were tracked poorly
  • Uneffective treatment method

So, as always, there’s the good, and there’s the not-so-good.

Here’s where we see an important point: nothing works for everyone. Some people said they didn’t see the results they wanted, and that’s fine.

We can’t tell if they were using the correct dosage, however, and the number of positive experiences outweigh these reviews.

Furthermore, CBD is a huge – but young – field of medicinal study with much scientific and anecdotal evidence (^)(^)(^)(^).

(P.S. We’ll talk about this in a future post)…

Additionally, poor delivery (particularly abroad) is likely due to the recent circumstances with COVID-19 in its peak, meaning higher stress on delivery services as a whole.

Love Hemp now display a notice of this issue on their Delivery & Returns page.

Overall, the reviews are almost entirely positive in terms of service, product quality, and product effectiveness. But, we can’t overlook the negative reviews that do exist, especially with recent times meaning potentially poor delivery or low stock.

Cons – Could It Be Better?

Unhealthy Ingredients in Edibles

Many of you probably know by now how much I emphasise a natural, whole-food diet.

A healthy diet is one of the most – if not the most – important pillars of a healthy lifestyle.

And, the number one factor in a healthy diet is whole-food!

Unfortunately, Love Hemp fall short here. That’s because their chocolate malt bites contain added:

  • Sugar
  • Glucose Syrup
  • Flavourings

Their dark chocolate bites don’t have the syrup, but that doesn’t cancel out the rest of the refined sugar.

Added sugar, especially in excess, is one of the leading causes of chronic disease, ranging from metabolic disorders to neurodegeneration, increased inflammation, and more.

Whilst the company has great reputation and quality, there are healthier ways to enjoy the benefits of CBD than their edibles – including making your own.

Vaping Products Can Be Risky

Okay, okay. People vape, and it’s better than smoking.

However, for those not using CBD vapes to overcome a smoking problem or replace other e-cigarettes, they’re potentially increasing their health risks.

According to major US studies, and as acknowledged by the UK government, vaping has caused lung injuries – some fatal.

We have confirmed that several substances can contribute to this, but other factors of vaping may carry health risks, specifically:

  • Toxins and carcinogens from vape pens
  • Harmful chemicals from vape liquids

This is only part of the still limited research available on the subject.

Simply, we’re not designed to inhale vapour / aerosol – let alone chemicals like flavourings – in such quantities.

With the recent adoption of this, we have already seen some adverse effects, and ongoing research is important (^).

Love Hemp’s Stand on Vaping

Love Hemp’s vaping products contain added flavourings, and without stating what they are online, it is hard to assess the true risk at hand here.

One established danger of vaping is diacetyl (used in flavourings), and it may increase injury risk.

In addition to e-liquids, the company sells CBD isolate terpenes and crystals. These appear to contain no harmful additives, being pure by nature, but Love Hemp’s recommendation to use the terpenes with “your favourite CBD oil/extracts and e-liquid vape juice” doesn’t necessarily offer sound health advice regarding potential risks for some people.

However, one product here I couldn’t flaw is the CBD Isolate Crystals. Love Hemp’s organic crystals are pure, and they recommend using them with a proper vaporiser for wax or oils.

But crystals can be used in more ways than inhaling, including cooking, making drinks, and dosing with them as they are (^)!

And no, the company isn’t a health consultancy. But, in their industry focused on a healthy lifestyle, I feel better (and more ethical) promotions and advice could be given.

Therefore, whilst Love Hemp offers high quality CBD, just as with the edibles, there are better ways to achieve the same benefits than vaping.

Conclusion: Are Love Hemp Worth the Hype?

All in all, Love Hemp is a brilliant service for the products they provide.

Offering a range of organic CBD products at a price cheaper than much of what’s typical in the market has made them the number 1 CBD brand in the UK.

In this Love Hemp review we’ve looked at:

  • Purity and product quality
  • Discounts
  • Delivery and services
  • Customer experiences and reviews
  • Ingredients
  • A stand on vaping product

Additionally, it’s no wonder that they have such a loyal base of customers when you look at the Love Hemp reviews and the fact that the business offers regular discounts.

Despite this, they are still a CBD brand – not necessarily an overall health brand. The unfortunate downside is that they sell edibles with added sugar and flavourings, and possibly risky vape products.

Nonetheless, the easy option is simply to avoid those specific products!

What This Means (Verdict):

For these reasons, I’ve reached a verdict. Ready? *Drumroll*…

Love Hemp receives a high Healthy Ronin rating of: 8 / 10!

Healthy Ronin Product Rating 8

So yeah, the fairest conclusion is that they are worth the hype. When it comes down to it, they out-compete much of the UK market in price and quality.

For anyone interested in trying quality, certified, and fully legal CBD or CBG in the UK especially, they are the place to go to.

For the best possible selection of their products, to have a browse, or to claim your discounts, just take a look online!

Hint: Remember codes SAVE30, SAVE40, and SAVE50.

They also have a handy store locator on the website so you can see what’s local.

That’s all for this Love Hemp review! Please share this with your friends and family interested in CBD, and comment below if you enjoyed this or have any questions!

Your support helps us grow, which means we can get as much helpful content out to you all as possible! 🙂 Thanks for being awesome.

Until next time, stay healthy


Frequently Asked Questions:

What Does Love Hemp Do?

Love Hemp is the UK’S #1 CBD brand. They sell a range of USA-grown organic CBD oils, cosmetics, edibles, vaping products, and their own merchandise. The best place to purchase is online, with a wider variety, free shipping (UK), and regular discounts.

Is Love Hemp CBD Oil Full Spectrum?

Love Hemp’s CBD Oils are indeed full spectrum from the strains they use. Being made from carefully grown organic hemp, their oils provide 11 types of cannabinoids. Love Hemp also has a concentration guarantee to ensure that all of these are present in their oils, and this is confirmed through “state-of-the-art High Performance Liquid Chromatography”.

What Are the Main Benefits of CBD?

CBD may offer several health benefits, and research is still in its early stages. Here are 4 of the most researched and evidence-backed ranges of health benefits of CBD:
∙ Improved Overall Mental Health, Depression, and Anxiety (^)(^)(^)(^)
∙ Pain Management (^)(^)
∙ Anti-cancer Potential (^)(^)(^)
∙ Skin Care and Treatment (^)(^)(^)

Cuisine Products & Services

9 Best Healthy Cooking Utensils – The Essential Kit

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, all this means is that Healthy Ronin receives a commission from purchases made using links on this page. This is at no additional cost to you, and only helps to keep the website running. For our full Affiliate Disclosure, you can click here. Enjoy your stay!

Good health starts with a good diet: in the kitchen. That said, some essentials can really make it a LOT easier! Here are the 9 best healthy cooking utensils to help you make delicious, good-for-you food, every day.

1. A Good Knife Set

Without a doubt, you’ll be needing one of these. Don’t overlook the power of a good knife and the limitations of a poor-quality or blunt set.

No one has to own the fanciest, Japanese-grade chef’s knives (unless you really are a pro!), but a budget-friendly set with a few types types and a sharpener will do wonders for almost any need:

  • Cutting meats: Whole joints, steaks, poultry…
  • Filleting fish: Creating fillets, removing bones, descaling…
  • Dicing: Potato cubes, onions,
  • Chopping: Salads, veggie sticks, pickles, fresh herbs…
  • Slicing: One-pot dishes, vegetables, fruits, cheese, deli meats…
  • Mincing: Herbs, spices, garlic…

The disadvantages of a poor knife set are:

  • Safety: Blunt knives one of the most common causes of accidents in the kitchen, being hard to control and requiring more force.
  • Durability: Some knives can easily become blunt or even get loose handles over time. Not great for something we use so much.
  • Frustration: I stand by a strong fact: Cooking should be fun! If you can’t enjoy making healthy food, how can you expect to really want to do it? Some inconveniences in the kitchen are normal, but don’t let your knife set be one of them.

Honestly, I think it’s almost always best to get a set with a sharpener. It keeps things more organised and saves money on buying extra tools.

I recommend Keenair’s Highly Rated 15-Piece Set. With 7 types of mixed-size all-purpose and specialised stainless steel knives, kitchen shears, and a built-in sharpener, it’s complete with all the essentials.

Personally, I’ve never needed more than that. That’s for all of the purposes above and even more; I’m free to cook up almost any meal I can with this kind of set!

100% Money Back Guarantee: 2-Year Warranty Included

2. Weighing Scales

These have been a lifesaver for me! Okay, not literally… But getting accurate measurements for ingredients has really helped me in many ways:

  • Following recipes
  • Creating my own recipes
  • Making homemade pickles (getting the right water:salt ratio)
  • Measuring servings of meals
  • Tracking my calories and macronutrients (for fitness goals)

More than that, weighing scales are useful if you’re interested in following recipes that require more precision. Think sourdough breads and other baked goods, fermented foods, meal prep, etc.

You may even want to perfect your fancy Italian or exotic Indian cooking skills (for example), and copying time-tested recipes can mean you’ll hit the ground running!

For me, using scales has helped me develop a better understanding and appreciation for food.

This is because they taught me just where my nutrition comes from, and how to change portions and proportions to suit my own fitness goals.

Of course, we all know there’s much more to food than that. The most important thing in any healthy diet is food quality: varied, real, whole foods, and no / minimal processed foods.

But when you’re looking to up your cooking game and achieve awesome recipes (and health goals), a simple set of scales can’t do you wrong.

Etekcity provide Amazon’s #1 Best Seller for only $9.99! A small investment for big benefits, well-reflected in over 500 ratings.

Amazon’s Choice: 4.6 Stars

3. Tea Strainer

Oh my! If I could express how much I use these… Without a doubt, a tea strainer is one of the best healthy cooking utensils you can own.

I like to make fresh ginger root tea (4 easy recipes) the most, but you can use it for countless recipes and ingredients.

Perhaps you like to forage. It’s an unbeatable way to get so many foods and herbs that make delicious teas, including nettles, dandelions, birch, bramble leaves, and cleavers, to name a few.

Although they mostly have one purpose, I think it’s fair to say that we could all do with a nice “cuppa” to keep infections away, refresh the spirits, boost our health, or relax at the end of the day.

Pick up your own simple tea strainer at the supermarket and you won’t look back.

(Or, for more selection and convenience, you can check out the different types available on Amazon).

4. Pestle and Mortar

What is this, the Stone Age? Why would I use a pestle and mortar?

Great question! (No, not the first one)… Sometimes going a bit “back to basics” is better than buying pre-made food skipping them all together.

There are certain things you can do in a pestle and mortar easier than with a food processor or blender (like the NutriBullet). They’re unrivalled for making homemade and authentic:

  • Spice blends and pastes
  • Pestos
  • Hummus
  • Guacamole
  • Marinades
  • Crushed nuts
  • Simple ground ingredients (like oats for fermenting)

For a couple of these like hummus, a blender definitely speeds things up. But it also won’t be as “rustic” – if you like that.

Personally, I feel that relying a little less on technology and immersing yourself in fun and healthy recipes is one of the best ways to maintain a healthy relationship with food.

In a way, that’s what makes a pestle and mortar deserve a place here with the other best healthy cooking utensils.

Whether you’re cooking up steaks, grilling vegetables, having a roast, or enjoying a full barbecue (when the weather’s right), making quick marinades with freshly crushed herbs and olive oil creating the perfect dry rub can be done in seconds without the need to set up yet another appliance.

Solid granite, compact, and high-quality, HealthSmart’s 9-ounce set comes almost $10 cheaper than most similar competitors.

Amazon’s Choice: 4.7 Stars

5. Steamer Basket

Steaming is one of my favourite cooking methods.

Not only does it preserve a high amount of nutrients and cancer-fighting antioxidants in vegetables (like broccoli), but the moisture results in tender and delicious fish (and even meat)!

Nowadays, a lot of people prefer an electric steamer, generally being multi-tiered is adjustable settings.

However, a simple steamer basket can work just as well and costs less.

For such a simple tool with healthy and delectable results every time, I’d say they’re some of the best healthy cooking utensils.

Other benefits include less chance of overcooking (and therefore less carcinogens), and less need for oils or sauces if you’re trying to cut calories.

You can use a steamer for many foods and dishes, like:

  • Vegetables (whole, sliced, diced, stuffed, etc.)
  • Rice
  • Quinoa
  • Fish
  • Meat and poultry (chops, steaks, cubes, etc.)

Check out this 15 minute ‘Steamed bass with pak choi’, for example! (I wouldn’t usually use the BBC’s recipes, but this one sticks to whole ingredients).

There are two types of steamer basket: Bamboo or metal. Bamboo steamers are more expensive and come with a lid, whereas metal ones are cheaper, but require a pan with a lid.

For a budget-friendly, healthy utensil, go for stainless steel.

P.S. For a DIY hack, item number 7 also lets you steam some foods!

(Most steamers aren’t very different and will get the job done).

6. Durable Tin Opener

Yes, a tin opener for healthy food. Eating a natural and whole food-based diet that’s packed full of nutrition doesn’t mean everything has to be “fresh”.

Sure, if you can afford it and it’s readily available, fresh is the best way to go. However, we shouldn’t skip out on nutritious and convenient foods like:

  • Tinned fish (sardines, tuna, etc.)
  • Chopped tomatoes
  • Coconut milk
  • Beans / legumes (if you tolerate them)
  • Sliced vegetables (best if preservative free)

Not to mention, it’s great to try new cuisines and recipes – it’s a passion many of us share! You’ll have a tough time opening that tin of coconut milk or chopped tomatoes without a tin opener. No more Thai curry or Goulash…

The biggest problem with these is how easily they break.

Even the electric ones don’t seem to last very long! Personally, I stick to the old-fashioned butterfly tin openers, (I guess I prefer the feel).

The durable ones are typically a bit more robust, though. With over 7,000 positive ratings, KitchenAid’s KC130OHERA Opener is one of the best rated on Amazon.

I haven’t tried it myself, but the included free 1-year replacement and lifetime limited warranty do add a nice “back-up”.

P.S. There are several designs available including some with a built-in bottle opener. The prices do differ depending on the design and discount, though.

Amazon’s Choice: 4.5 Stars

7. Mesh Kitchen Strainer (/Sieve)

A lot of us probably have one of these lying around somewhere amongst the pots and pans already.

Although a colander can be used in much the same way, the smaller holes of a strainer sometimes make life easier.

If you soak, ferment, or sprout any of your foods, this is especially true.

For example, I’d likely lose some of my carefully prepared, delicious fermented oats to most colanders. Sure, it wouldn’t be a lot, but it also wouldn’t be ideal.

Another example is making stocks and broths. Since I make my bone broth in a slow cooker and like to add vegetables, herbs, and spices, a colander might not catch all the small bits and pieces.

Instead, I can use a mesh strainer to get a nice, clear broth.

Other uses include rinsing vegetables and herbs or tinned beans, straining boiled potatoes, rice, quinoa, beans, vegetables, meats, fish, yoghurt, filtering teas, sifting flours, and so on.

Also, here’s a nice little “hack”: You can even use a strainer to steam foods in a pan. In principle, as long as the food is above the water and you have a lid to circulate steam, you’ve got a DIY steamer!

Picking one up from the supermarket shouldn’t cost more than a few dollars, if that.

You can look online, and I’ll provide a quick link below for you as I have with the other items, but you’ll probably save more in-store.

(eBay generally has the lowest prices, and a strainer doesn’t need to be as ‘high quality’ to work well)

8. Measuring Jug

How many times have you seen a recipe measuring like this: “1 cup A, 2 litres B, 1.5 litres C…”?

You’ll see the difference it makes in many recipes when we don’t measure volume correctly, but it can be even more confusing when multiple types of measurement are used.

Instead of guessing amounts, a basic measuring jug with different units is great because a), we can ensure better results in all sorts of recipes (fermenting, baking, etc.), and b), we know what we’re eating with more precision (useful for certain fitness goals and also tracking recipes to make adjustments).

The benefits over weighing scales or guessing especially true when recipes serving sizes are measured in volume rather than weight.

Think of the “1/4 cup rice per person”, or “400ml soup per serving” you’ve probably seen on packets, online, or in recipe books.

I personally use measuring scales even if I decide to weigh a recipe sometimes.

If I’m adding water or other liquids, it’s easier to measure in volume rather than weight because the conversion of ml to g is a 1:1 ratio.

Cheap. Trusty. Convient. That’s why I think a measuring jug can be one of the best healthy cooking utensils to keep hold of.

P.S. Glass is most useful for fermenting or cooking in the jug itself.

9. Grater

The final item on our list of the best healthy cooking utensils is a standard grater.

Most graters come with multiple gradients and faces / blades. This means you can use them for the whole bunch of purposes!

  • Peeled vegetables and fruit
  • Vegetable strips for stir-fries, soups, and stews
  • Vegetable noodles
  • Cauliflower rice
  • Potato Rösti (Swiss potato pancakes)
  • Grated cheese
  • Grated herbs like ginger, nutmeg, and garlic
  • Citrus Zest (Lemon, lime, orange, etc.)

Box graters are the best way to go in terms of variety, storage, and less mess.

Apart from that, they’re also safer. Since they have a sturdy design and can be used on surfaces, it’s easy to stay steady and you don’t need to apply as much force.

Spring Chef offers one of the highest rated graters across Amazon. There are almost 3,000 positive reviews on durability, material quality, ease of use, ergonomic design, and more!

Get yours today with the button below.

Bonus LIFETIME Warranty included.

Conclusion: Healthy Cooking is Easy!

This list covers some of the best kit – the best healthy cooking utensils – for any kitchen. You don’t need to invest in in all sorts of electrical appliances in order to get amazing and creative results with ease.

Do you think our ancestors needed food processors? Or that the Italians blended their sauces and the Indians their spices and the Chinese used electric steamers for bamboo shoots?

Yep! (Oh wait, I meant to say no)…

Anyway, the point is that with just a few simple, small tools, the possibilities are endless and the limit is your imagination!

If you like this list or learnt something new, comment below and feel free to share with your “chef” and “house cook” friends & family.

Until next time, stay healthy

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Are the Healthiest Cooking Utensils?

Including these top 9 essentials, the healthiest cooking utensils are made from safe materials. Stainless steel is generally the best, being less reactive, more durable, and versatile. Go for at least 304 grade to reduce the risk of leaching chemicals. Metals like copper and aluminum can react with acidic foods, so avoid mixing the two (including when fermenting). Other than that, glass, ceramic, and food-grade LDPE, HDPE, or PP plastic utensils are good choices. Avoid BPA and PVC.

Are Digital Kitchen Scales Accurate?

Yes. Digital kitchen scales, as long as they’re working correctly, provide a high amount of accuracy. Most will state how accurate they are on the scale, and this will be how measurements are shown. Increments of 0.1g or 1g are common, and many scales convert between grams, ounces, and pounds.

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How to Pickle Vegetables without Vinegar – A Guide to Lacto-fermentation

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No vinegar? No problem! We all love pickles, and there’s no better method to make your own than traditional lacto-fermentation. Here’s how to pickle vegetables without vinegar!

As long as I’ve remembered, I’ve enjoyed all sorts of pickles. Gherkins, onions, eggs, chillies, and now even more. However, up until earlier this year I hadn’t tried real pickles.

I mean the traditional type – the homemade pickles that the generations before us thrived on! These delicacies, are the result of an amazing process called “lacto-fermentation”.

jars of pickled vegetables - what are lacto-fermented vegetables
Traditional Turkish pickles: ‘turşu’, also known as ‘torshi’

What are Lacto-fermented Vegetables?

Lacto-fermented vegetables are simply any vegetable(s) that have been fermented by the natural bacteria present on them. The name comes from “Lactobacillus”, a range of bacteria the fermentation depends on.

The process is simple: vegetables are sliced, crushed, even left whole, and left in a sanitary brine solution. From there, the little guys (bacteria and enzymes) do the work!

As they develop and multiply, they convert sugars into lactic acid, which in turn keeps unwelcome bacteria at bay and prevents spoiling.

What results is natural preservation, crispy and crunchy delicacies, reduced carbohydrate content, and gut-friendly bacteria (probiotics).

This is a process which has been known to mankind for thousands of years.

Vinegar Pickles vs Fermented Pickles

Traditionally, a lot of food was preserved by nourishing beneficial bacteria, and only took a few easy ingredients. Fermented pickles make use of this ancient practice.

Think of all of these traditional foods:

  • Bread (first made from sourdough)
  • Yoghurt
  • Cheese
  • Pickles
  • Alcohol
  • Vinegar
  • Tofu
  • Soy sauce
  • Kimchi
  • Porridge (yep!)

These are all fermented foods, which allowed us to preserve our supplies and build complex, health-boosting cuisines across the world.

On the other hand, vinegar pickles are more common now than they used to be.

Vinegar has been used in preservation for a very long time as well, but it is a more expensive process and provides less nutritional benefits. It works by preventing the growth of any bacteria, and, much like fermentation, imparts a pleasantly sour flavour.

In this article, we look at how to pickle vegetables without vinegar, to yield beneficial and natural health-foods!

Why Make Your Own?

So what’s the point? Most of us don’t need to preserve our food anymore and can simply pick up some pickles from the supermarket.

Well, I’m so glad you asked!

Here are just a few of the reasons why your own homemade pickles and lacto-fermented vegetables come out world’s above what you’re likely to find in the store.

Probiotic and Other Health Benefits

One of the top reasons to learn how to ferment vegetables without vinegar is because it provides a wealth of health benefits!

It’s no secret that today’s healthiest populations and centenarians are in large part those who have been raised on traditional diets and lead an active, spiritual and mentally beneficial lifestyle. An important part of any traditional diet across the globe is fermentation.

Consuming beneficial bacteria (known as probiotics) has a major impact on health (^)* by:

  • Boosting gut health (^)*
  • Supporting the immune system and fighting bad bacteria (^)(^)(^)*
  • Aiding the digestive system and diseases (^)*
  • Supporting mental health (^)(^)(^)*
  • and more… *

Furthermore, the vegetables take on an entirely new nutritional profile! Enzymes and bacteria naturally produce a range of vitamins (such as B vitamins), will increase protein content, and also reduce carbohydrate levels.

To learn more about how this occurs, and what makes traditional food so important for optimal health, I highly recommend reading the award-winning ‘Deep Nutrition’ book.

(Recommended reading on the power of traditional diets)

Fun Way to Learn

Fermentation is a rewarding experience. Firstly, you get to create some amazing food and snacks from your own projects. Secondly, you’ll always learn something new in the process.

Every time you make something new, you’ll find yourself thinking about what might work next, what could be better, and expanding your ideas!

Don’t forget that it could teach kids a lot, too!

If you want to spend time with your young ones, getting them involved hands on can gift them skills for life and they’ll have fun trying the end product.

It’s Easy!

The truth is that fermenting your own pickles is straightforward and easy to do.

In fact, traditional food preparation is often quite simple! It had to be in many cases for our ancestors…

As you’ll see in the recipe below, you need very little equipment and only a few basic ingredients. Maintaining your ferment during the process takes very little time, as well.

You can get started with any pickle you’d like (what’s your favourite vegetable?), and leave it to ferment until the desired flavour develops.

Depending on the method, you’ll need to “burp” it once a day for a few seconds. Don’t worry, we’ll cover that later.

Boost Your Cooking – Sauces, Pickles, More…

Apart from making your cooking more fun and nutritious, learning how to pickle vegetables without vinegar can open up a whole new world of skills, recipes, and flavours.

This is because you get to discover how different vegetables, spices, and herbs can work together and the new flavours that they can each develop.

Certain vegetables will impart unique colour and texture, herbs and spices will infuse, and so on.

The best part is that once you understand the basic fermentation process, it’s transferable. As we’ll likely cover in future posts, you can easily learn to make things like:

  • Hot sauces
  • Relishes
  • Pickled eggs
  • Even meats and fish!

Pickling vegetables is easier, making it one of the best places to start.

Basically, you’ll be able to turn ordinary ingredients into an array extraordinary recipes.

As a fan of Japanese cuisine myself, I can tell you that making Japanese pickles (tsukemono) this way is always a delight. These pickles made it onto my list of the top (low-carb) keto Japanese foods, as well!

healthy fermented recipes to improve cooking skills - chef in restaurant

Use up Old Veggies

Some things never change – we all get vegetables that need using up sometimes.

Plus, it’s always nice to have a way to preserve extra vegetables (or those that you’ve grown yourself)!

Next time you have some leftover tomatoes, peppers, cabbage, or else and nothing to do with them – don’t throw them out! You can reduce your food waste (and save money) by pickling some of your vegetables.

Impress Friends and Family

It’s best to start with basic recipes that use only a few ingredients. However, after your first few recipes you’ll find it easy to start being creative.

From books, the internet, or your own recipes, all sorts of vegetables, herbs, and spices can make amazing kimchi or other pickles.

Not only are these rewarding personally, but they make great gifts or even party food. Adding a personal touch can really add some spirit to the food at celebrations or when you have guests over!

P.S. Admittedly, just as with any pickle, storing it well and using the right ingredients is important.

A warm pickle jar can sometimes have strong flavour or smell, for example – they are still pickles after all! It’s all part of the fun.

Discover a New Hobby

If you’re not sold on learning how to pickle vegetables without vinegar already, you sure will be after your first successful attempt.

From there, you’ll be part of the club! Many people enjoy fermenting foods as a hobby, and take pride in creating all sorts of wonderful dishes and beverages that require the certain skill-set that you’ll naturally acquire over time.

You can even join social media groups or clubs for people interested in one or many types of fermenting.

So what are you waiting for?

What Can You Pickle? It’s Not Just Cucumbers!

It’s not just cucumbers! Nonetheless, the most famous example of any pickle is easily the classic “Kosher dill pickle”, brought to the Americas in the 1800s by European Jews (hence the name).

They fermented cucumbers just as we learned: using a simple brine with spices like dill and garlic. In fact, they would ferment many vegetables, including cabbage “sauerkraut”.

And the best part is that these were staples of their diet. This is traditional food, providing flavourful, probitiotic, recipes year-round.

This is an example of what we should aim for every day! It’s one of the founding principles of Healthy Ronin: Live as your body has learned to over the ages, and it’ll reward you to its full potential.

In my latest recipe as of writing this, I made something similar to the Vietnamese pickled daikon and carrot: ‘Do Chua’.

Check out my other lacto-fermented recipes, such as How to Ferment Oats (which you should if you currently eat them raw as most do). You can even do it with Brown Rice (Recipe) and other wholegrains, nuts, and seeds.

How to Pickle Vegetables Without Vinegar

Let’s get down to it!

Below I’ve laid out all the basics that you’ll need every time: Equipment, ingredients, and method. Once you’ve got those down, you’re all set.

I’ve also shared an easy recipe for you to follow along with, but feel free to make adaptions.


Learning how to pickle vegetables without vinegar is simple. So is the equipment you’ll need. The goal is to keep your veggies fully submerged and keep oxygen out.

If you’ve got these already, you’re set to go:

  • Fermentation-safe container
  • Suitable pickling weight (depending on container and ingredients)
  • Airlock (optional)
  • Tongs

(I’ll explain these in more detail below).

If you have none of the above, the best way to get started is with a fermentation set. This comes with everything you’ll need without you having to get them seperately!

Kilner provides Complete 6-Piece Kits with Jars, Airlock Lids, Stone Weights, and even a Recipe Book (nice bonus for ideas). You can currently get the complete set for $46.99.

If that’s a bit out-of-budget, there’s no need to worry. It’s easy to get started with any effective jar or fermentation-safe container (see below). For beginners, I recommend jars such as these with airlocks.

Amazon’s Choice, 4.2 Star Rating

Info: The Container

The first thing you need is a fermentation-safe container – and ideally one that you can make near enough airtight. There are a few options here, including glass mason jars and fermentation crocks made from glass, ceramic, or wood.

Certain food-grade plastic containers will also work. Make sure to look up the type of plastic or contact the manufacturer.

If you have a jar, it should be designed for fermenting as we will need to sterilise it at high heat.

Then the most important thing is a weight. An excellent option available nowadays is a jar fermentation set. For large-mouth jars, the #1 Seller ‘Nourished Essentials’ Kit provides lids, weights, and airlocks.

Avoid using the following containers, as they may interact with fermentation:

  • Copper
  • Steel or Iron (even galvanised)
  • Aluminium
  • Brass
  • Non-food-grade plastics

The most popular option is to use a mason jar. They come in different sizes, allow for you to easily check your ferment, and are generally cheaper.

I recommend a classic, trusty Kilner Jar. Above you’ll find a complete kit, but you can also find different jars.

Amazon has an excellent selection to suit preferred sizes, types, and budgets. Don’t forget you can check local supermarkets or hardware stores such as Wilko for similar options.

Info: The Weight

Secondly, your ferment will need an anaerobic environment to ferment efficiently and prevent hazardous bacteria or mould. This means keeping your ingredients submerged.

Naturally, they’ll tend to float in brine if not packed tightly, however.

Fortunately, people use all sorts of solutions here to weigh down the vegetables.

  • Small glass jars (if they will fit)
  • Small ceramic plates (once again, must fit)
  • Food grade plastic bags (filled with water or brine)
  • Even other vegetables such as some cabbage tucked in on top or a large round apple slice (provided that you can keep them submerged).

The easiest option is to get yourself a fermentation / pickling weight, which you’ll likely find anywhere you would a jar.

For versatility to fit almost any container, glass ‘Sauer Stones’ come in at only $12.95. This makes them cheaper than most other weights and a popular choice.

Info: The Airlock

An airlock serves two purposes in pickling and fermentation: to keep oxygen from getting in, and to let carbon dioxide out.

This in turn prevents your ferment from spoiling by preventing unwanted bacteria from growing.

At the same time, it releases built up gasses which beneficial bacteria naturally produce. This is important, as excess pressure can eventually cause airtight containers to explode!

The reason airlocks are optional when pickling without vinegar is because containers and methods vary. I don’t use them, and instead “burp” jars once every 1-2 days for their fermentation stage.

Simply put, all you have to do is slightly open the jar to release gasses, which also lets you examine the smell or taste!


The easiest part is the ingredients, as you only need a few. These create your brine and your pickle, and include any extra seasonings.

  • Water (dechlorinated* – either filtered or boiled)
  • Salt (non-iodised – check ingredients for any iodine chemicals. Pure sea salt works fine)
  • Vegetables
  • Spices and Herbs

*Most tap water contains added chlorine. This prevent bacterial growth, and therefore will stop any fermentation from taking place.

Fortunately, we can remove this chlorine water simply by boiling the water (and letting it cool before using). This evaporates any chlorine.

For convenience, especially if you plan to make many pickles, I’d recommend using a filter such as Make Water Pure’s Countertop Distiller. This will save both time and money.


Here we are! You’ve got your tools at the ready and your fresh vegetables to be pickled. A quick few steps and you’ll be fermenting away like a mad scientist at work!

It’s important to do these in order so your hard work doesn’t go to waste! Each step also ensures safety as much as possible.

Step #1: Sanitisation

Safety first! We must always sanitise equipment before using it. The next section in this article explains how to safely ferment.

You can easily find sanitisation instructions online for any type of fermenting container.

Most people seem to use glass jars and boil them. You can also oven-sterilise. ‘Happy Kombucha’ provides great instructions when it comes to glass jars.

As a rule, don’t use any glass container such as a pasta sauce jar. These may explode or crack at high heat, so please use one made for fermentation.

Alternatively, for stoneware crocks, here is what to know.

I personally use the following way to boil my glass mason jars and seals. It should take no longer than 15 active minutes:

  • Wash all equipment (cutlery and container) in soapy water / dishwasher
  • Inspect for any damage to container or jar (use only if not damaged)
  • Remove rubber seals
  • Submerge jars in pot / pan of room-temperature water
  • Bring to a boil, and continue to boil for 5-6 minutes
  • Add in rubber seals, and boil for a further 5-6 minutes
  • Turn off the heat and remove jars and seals with tongs (Take care, they will be HOT!)
  • Allow to cool until warm to touch

And that’s it! Now you’re ready to safely begin the fun part: pickling. Below we’ll learn how to make the perfect brine, how to fill your container, and how to store them.

Step #2: Setting Your Pickles to Ferment

After sanitising, the next thing to do is create a brine which will turn our vegetables into delicious, crisp pickles.

We use brine containing salt for a few main reasons. These are to:

  • Prevent unwanted bacteria from propagating
  • Draw water and sugars out of the vegetables (which the bacteria feed on)
  • Improve flavour, texture, and nutrition

The ideal salt amount is generally around 3.5% of the weight of the water used. This equates to roughly 2 tablespoons of salt for every 1 litre of water. For coarse salts you may find you need slightly more, and fine salts maybe a little less – you’ll figure out with works best for you over time.

Simply dissolve the salt into your dechlorinated (see above or recipe below) water.

Next: the veggies!

Remember, you can use any vegetable you’d like: Onions, broccoli, peppers, tomatoes, and so on. For vegetables that need cooking like potatoes, simply cook them once they are pickled.

Now, you can leave vegetables whole if they fit, or prepare them any way you like. Use sanitised equipment here, too.

I typically slice root vegetables into sticks, and tomatoes would probably be best left whole: whatever makes sense to you.

Creative ideas like spiralising or dicing also work well, provided you can keep the smaller pieces submerged.

This ‘how to pickle vegetables without vinegar’ recipe is an adaption of something I tried recently. Feel free to follow along!

Fermentation Safety

We’re almost ready! But – as we’ve all heard time and time again growing up – safety first.

Fermentation is an amazing process, and we want to get it right without instead having mouldy veggies or any risk of food-borne illness.

This fear has put some people off of fermenting, but I’ll show you why it shouldn’t, and how to identify a problem if things do go wrong.

Why Fermentation is Actually Safe

First of all, recall that fermentation is one of the most ancient methods of preservation known to mankind. When done properly, it does a lot actually prevent negative bacteria and “bugs” from inhabiting the vegetables!

Lactobacilli (the bacteria we’re counting on pickles) thrive in an anaerobic environment and create a lot of acidity.

That kind of environment is the complete opposite to what many harmful bacteria require to live. And by adding salt, we are further preventing unwanted presences.

In this way, fermenting vegetables can actually kill harmful bacteria which may have been on them beforehand, and will keep them at bay.

An important factor is to try and use vegetables which haven’t been contaminated (such as through contact with manure) in the first place, just as a precaution. Also, don’t forget to rinse your vegetables.

A common misconception you may have heard is that lacto-fermentation is particularly risky because of botulism. This is a myth, as that same harmful bacteria also cannot survive in the environment we need.

For safe fermentation, here are the most important tips to follow:

  • Use fresh, healthy ingredients – vegetables should be fresh, healthy, and, as much as you can help it, not contaminated by other sources such as rotten vegetables or manure.
  • Don’t forget the salt – use the ratio given in the recipe, as too much or too little can ruin a ferment.
  • Avoid iodised salt – for the right bacteria to survive, we don’t want the added chemicals.
  • Likewise, avoid chlorinated water – this will kill beneficial bacteria.
  • Use clean equipment – by using cleaning equipment we can prevent cross-contamination.

How to Identify Spoilage, and What to Do

With all that said, even the most experienced people make mistakes sometimes. If you ever find yourself unsure about the safety of a ferment or any food, don’t risk it.

If you find mould for example, it’s important not to skim it off and and eat the rest, as mould has roots which spread. Always discard spoiled vegetables, look at where you may have gone wrong, and simply give it another shot!

There are a few tell-tale signs to let you know when something is wrong. Some of these are easy to identify, so let’s take a look.

Visible Mould (Don’t Mistake for Kahm Yeast)

The most obvious sign of unwelcome bacteria when learning how to pickle vegetables without vinegar is mould.

These colonies of bacteria should be easy to tell apart from your vegetables, and will often have distinct features. Look out for the following:

  • Colour – especially anything bright or vibrant such as green, pink, blue, or any other colour which stands out from your vegetables. White, black, or grey are bad, too.
  • Texture – mould can take on multiple distinct textures. Most often they will appear fuzzy or hair-like, but some will be slimy or bubbly.

Below is an example of what mould might look like (present in an aerobic environment):

how to pickle vegetables without vinegar - fermentation safety visible mould in anaerobic environment

On the other hand, sometimes when fermenting in a liquid medium we get something called ‘Kahm Yeast’. This is a natural formation from yeasts found in the air and can sometimes find its way into to foods such as pickles.

Unlike mould, Kahm Yeast is totally harmless and can just be discarded. To identify it, it should appear as a thin, white kind of film, and should not produce bubbles or gas, or give off any odour or flavour.

Most of the time, this yeast will be present on the surface of the water, but it may find its way submerged, as well. As we now know, mould wouldn’t do the same.

Below is an example of what Kahm Yeast might look like:

How to ferment oats apple cider vinegar phytase fermented oats method 1
Small amounts of Kahm Yeast, plus residue from carbohydrates after fermenting Oatmeal – taken from ‘How to Ferment Oats’ article.

Smell (Unpleasant Odours are Bad)

When we pickle vegetables, we expect a pleasant sour smell. It should be familiar. Using this natural method of fermentation, a slight yeasty smell is sometimes okay as well.

If however, you open your your pickles and are taken aback by a strong odour resembling anything unpleasant, discard the lot. Examples may be anything fishy, eggy, earthy, similar to decaying leaves, wood, old socks (for example), or even irritating to your nose.

As a rule of thumb: if it doesn’t smell appetising or pleasant, discard it.

Taste (Not Your First Port-of-call!)

If you’re happy with the way your vegetables have turned out, they look safe, and if have no unpleasant odour, it’s time for the final test – taste!

By this point, it’s likely that they are perfectly safe. And likely delicious! But you should still follow safety.

Lacto-fermented pickles often taste very similar to vinegar pickles, but may have some more natural pungency and a little less sourness. They should also still taste like the vegetables and herbs and spices that you use.

Any flavour descriptive of the smells above, or that otherwise seems “off” is a sign that somehow how your pictures got contaminated.

You’ll Only Get Better!

You’ll develop a keen sense for all of these over time as you you make more and discover what works well and what doesn’t.

If ever you’re unsure, don’t take the risk. You can always ask someone more experienced, or join social media groups who will be happy to help, as well!

I personally recommend the ‘Wild Fermentation Uncensored’ Facebook Group full of passionate and friendly fermenters!

The Recipe (Step-by-Step)

That’s How It’s Done!

Look at you! Ready to ferment away with a newfound skill set already…

There are many benefits to fermenting foods, and learning how to pickle vegetables without vinegar is just the start!

As you make more pickles and recipes, don’t be afraid to experiment. Try new vegetables, spices, herbs, even fruit like apples! If you like Indian food, try kohlrabi with cumin seeds, fresh turmeric, chillies, and ginger, perhaps.

The only limit is your imagination and the ingredients you can access.

probiotic traditional lacto fermented pickled daikon and cucumber - how to make pickles without vinegar
Here’s one I made with daikon, cucumber, garlic, and ginger! (I might even blend it with some herbs to create a nice relish)

I hope you’ve come learned about the health benefits to be enjoyed here, too. Probiotic recipes can help to boost the health of our immune system, gut, digestion, brain, and more.

All the while, you’ll be packing in new vitamins and nutrients by simple natural processes! What’s not to love?

If you enjoyed learning how to pickle vegetables without vinegar, you’ll probably like our other recipes!

The next step I’d recommend: How to Ferment Oats or Brown Rice (it’s awesome, trust me). These two recipes are even easier to follow.

Let me know in the comments below how you found this guide to lacto-fermentation. Remember to leave a rating and help us improve your experience!

If you have any recipes or recommendations, share them and I’ll be sure to get back to you!

Until next time, stay healthy

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are Lacto-Fermented Vegetables?

Lacto-fermented vegetables are any vegetable(s) that have been fermented by the natural bacteria present on them. The name comes from “Lactobacillus”, a range of bacteria the fermentation depends on. Our recipe uses these as explained in this article.

Do You Need Salt to Pickle?

Depending on the method and the type of salt, using salt will be required for pickling. Traditional fermented pickles such as in this recipe do require the right type of salt for safe fermentation, nutrition, texture, and flavour.

What are The Best Foods to Pickle?

Traditional pickles come in all sorts. Vegetables are excellent, as they’re easy to make and any vegetable can be pickled. The best for beginners are those that don’t require cooking. For a nice “crunch”, try your favourite crisp vegetables such as carrots, turnips, radishes, onions, peppers, broccoli, ginger, garlic, and so on.

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A blender is ideal for those who love to make smoothies, shakes, and juices. Simply add in your fruit, vegetables, milk, seasonings, and you’re good to go. These can also be used to make flours, nut butters, spice blends, and more.

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It’s ideal for the gym, work, travel, and just about anywhere else.

This is one of the healthy gift ideas for Christmas I can especially vouch for – I use mine every week!

One of the best reviewed on Amazon is the 500ml Newdora Vacuum Flask (304 Stainless Steel). It’s 100% leakproof, keeping in heat for 12h and insulating cold drinks for 24h.

Amazon’s Choice

There are 10 unique designs to choose from, and every bottle comes with an individual cleaning brush to easily prevent bacterial growth.

Number 6: A Water Filter Bottle

Water filters are gaining popularity for a reason. The truth is that our water supplies contain hundreds of chemicals and contaminants which can be detrimental to a health, especially over the long-term.

To avoid this, why have the most convenient options for everyday use is a water filter bottle.

Not only can they remove a range of these contaminants, but also a wide range of microorganisms (i.e. bacteria and parasites).

We all know that one adventurer. You know, the camper, the hiker, the forager (to name a few examples). Maybe that friend with rock collections or a passion for wildlife!

The WaterWell is one of their closest companions, as it can filter any flowing fresh water source in the world to provide safe water! Imagine that, a hot summer’s day and a stream nearby – it’s all they’ll need.

Amazon’s Choice

Another excellent option more suited to removing municipal contaminants from tap water is the AquaPure Traveller (currently limited in availability).

You can read more about the AquaPure in this post or find it on Amazon, as well.

Number 7: Warming Herbal Teas

There’s nothing like a hot drink to warm the spirit. Christmas morning, up early, and relaxing by the tree with family – that’s how it’s always been.

Most people do enjoy a cup of coffee or tea, and that’s fine! But there are hundreds of varieties of delicious, healthy herbal teas as well.

One of my favourites this time of year is ginger (easy to work with traditional spices or make immune-boosting Golden Milk with).

The best brand? It has to be Pukka, for both quality and price! Find the perfect selection on Amazon today.

Use the image for Amazon’s Choice at £2.79!

There are some excellent choices available. All flavours for all people! What I’d recommend? For a winter warmer:

  • Turmeric Gold
  • Three Ginger
  • Night Time
  • Vanilla Chai

But there is such variety, I’m sure to have missed some great alternative!

Everyone enjoys a cuppa…

Number 8: Meal Planning Membership

We all love to give gifts that lasts. That makes Christmas the perfect time to help people smash their New Year’s resolutions!

If you’re looking for a gift for someone who has been trying to get into a healthy lifestyle for a while but finds it too inconvenient or hard to stick to, meal planning is an ingenious solution.

As covered in the review, PlateJoy provides in-depth and highly personalised meal plans.

These include recipe lists and easy cooking instructions for any meal of the day or even batch recipes to save time and money.

The personalisation options can help friends and family:

  • Lose weight
  • Go Keto
  • Eat Low-carb
  • Go Paleo
  • Avoid Allergens
  • Plan and prepare batch meals
  • Stick to a Low-FODMAP diet
  • And more

What makes this gift so personal is that it could be catered towards almost anyone regardless of they eat meat, avoid gluten, have allergies, or even wish to exclude spicy foods and specific ingredients.

PlateJoy Review - Healthy PlateJoy Menu Recipes for Christmas Gifts for families
Caters towards families, groups, and indiviuals alike!

$10 DISCOUNT at checkout with code: ‘HEALTHYRONIN10’

Number 9: Food Steamer

Steaming is one of the most gentle methods for cooking vegetables, but also your favourite meat and fish! Naturally, it retains moisture and helps to preserve and unleash precious nutrients like vitamin C.

Much like using a slow cooker, a steamer can help to save time and money, and makes nutritious cooking seem like nothing!

This is one of the healthy gift ideas for Christmas that will no doubt bring on a smile or two.

At the current discount of 46%, you can pick up a Russel Hobbs steamer for as little as £27.03. Coming at 9L and with over 1500 positive reviews, there’s not much competition.

Make a loved one’s life healthier and easier this year, and those to come!

Amazon’s Choice (Reduced from £49.99)

One More for Creativity: Edible Bugs

Bush tucker trials are all the rage after “I’m a Celebrity” just before Christmas!

Whether it’s for a dare (or a scare), or simply because insects are actually incredibly nutritious and good for the planet, this is a gift to remember!

P.S. Read: Why Should People Eat Insects? Hear Me Out…

Over 2 billion people at least already enjoy eating insects regularly as part of their lifestyle. This spans every continent from Italy to Australia and China to the Americas.

“Entomophagy”, as it’s called, has been an essential part of human civilisation since our dawn.

why should people eat insects - healthy nutritious grasshopper

Believe it or not, so do most of us in the West through even common foods – we just don’t know!

I can vouch for the fact that it’s not as bad as it seems. An initial burst of curiosity and bravery and you’ll be joining the increasing amount of people switching to more insect-based, sustainable, and healthy protein.

For extra fun this year, go for a complete mix and see who tries them first!

Healthy Ronin is a proud ambassador for Eat Grub!

Another excellent store with brilliant variety is Thailand Unique. Click Here to take a look at their ‘Mixed Edible Insects’, and definitely explore around!

Amazon’s Choice by Crunchy Critters are also quite popular.

No matter which you choose, the potential for a great time is always there! People love to experiment and try new things, and this has to be one of the best ways for any health enthusiast!

Personally, I’d always recommend the plain insects (without seasonings), as these are much healthier. Crickets have a pleasant nutty flavour, and I’ve heard they’re not alone!

At the end of the day (or year), there’s nothing quite like a Christmas memory… (But why stop there, right?)

Merry Christmas, and A Happy New Year!

That’s all for this list! These healthy gift ideas for Christmas are the top 10 I can recommend. Though it wasn’t easy to choose!

I tried to keep this as versatile and easy to make personal as possible, so you can all enjoy the best Christmas and have confidence in your gifts!

Choosing the perfect present can be difficult, but hopefully this has helped give you some inspiration. Please feel free to share below any other ideas you may have!

I wish you all and a family and friends a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Until next time, stay healthy

Products & Services

A PlateJoy Review (and How to Use!) – Healthy Meal Plans from $8 per Month?

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, all this means is that Healthy Ronin receives a commission from purchases made using links on this page. This is at no additional cost to you, and only helps to keep the website running. For our full Affiliate Disclosure, you can click here. Enjoy your stay!

You want to eat healthy, I understand. But it’s hard to know where to start, what to get, and so on… No more!
This PlateJoy Review covers the solution you might have been waiting for.

A PlateJoy Review – Is PlateJoy Worth It?

PlateJoy Review - PlateJoy Mobile App Menu for healthy dinner recipe

An Online Meal Planning App and Website, Perfect for Families and Individuals

  • Overall Rating: 9/10
  • Price: $8.25 – $11.50 per Month (£6.67 – £8.88) *
  • Best Place to Purchase:

  • Customer PlateJoy Reviews: Very Positive

  • Guarantee: 10 Day Free Trial Money Back Guarantee

*Offer: $10 DISCOUNT at checkout with code ‘HEALTHYRONIN10’*

It’s no secret that many people want to eat a healthy diet. And I don’t just mean losing some extra weight for the Summer, I mean feeling good and actually enjoying the food you eat! That’s where it gets confusing for some people – making healthy food easy and enjoyable… In this PlateJoy review, we’ll explore just how easy it can be.

Now then, ever heard of meal planning? Whilst eating healthily can be easy, it can also be a little confusing at first and requires a little planning ahead (especially for families)… Don’t let this put you off of your health and fitness goals! A growing way to overcome this is with automated meal planning, which also saves your time.

A popular option is PlateJoy, and with good reason. It may be considered the best online meal planner when it comes to variety and versatility. For a cheap healthy meal plan, offering you a clean eating, ketogenic, or paleo grocery list each week, look no further!

This PlateJoy review gives an insight into what the program offers, the pros and the cons, customer satisfaction PlateJoy pricing, and whether it delivers that “bang for bucks” you may be looking for.

PlateJoy Menu and Features – What’s For Dinner?

Let’s kick this off with the obvious – what does PlateJoy actually do? PlateJoy offers individually catered and highly customisable meal plans for different types of diets and health goals. It can be used to help you count your nutritional information, plan healthy and wholesome recipes, and is highly cusomisable.

PlateJoy believes in disease prevention through nutritional power – a fundamental health aspect that was once recongised much more. I really connect to this goal, and try to teach more about the amazing abilites of a healthy diet – through this very website!

Types of Plans Available

Many people use it for weight loss purposes, ketogenic dieting (keto), and even paleo, but that’s not all. See below (or Click Here) for a complete list of the customisable features, with a few of their options included. I’ve briefly summarised each option:

PlateJoy > [Highly Customisable Meal Plans, For Individuals and Families]
(Image Credit: PlateJoy)

PlateJoy Review - Family Meal Planning and Cooking for Healthy Recipes

  • Amount of people you’ll be shopping for:

This can range from 1 adult to 5 adults and 5 children.

  • Your information:

Name, sex, and relevant information if you’re trying to lose weight, considering your activity level as well.

  • Carbohydrate and diet plans:

Some options include Low carb, Mediterranean, and even more specific options such as Diabetic / Pre-diabetic and Low FODMAP, amongst others.

  • Ingredients you’d like to avoid:

A few examples include added sugars (definitely avoid), spicy foods, tree nuts, as well as an ‘Other’ option in which you can type your own ingredients.

  • Preferences on animal products:

Certain plans such as the Mediterranean and Paleo plans can be catered directly for different preferences such as vegan, vegetarian, or pescetarian. This differs between plans but you can always exclude certain recipes and items from your meal plan later on.

  • Eating requirements:

You can eliminate allergens such as gluten and dairy, and also choose to go Kosher, Pregnant/Nursing, or Clean Eating (recommended).

  • Net carbs:

The ketogenic diet option let’s you choose between up to 20, 30, or 40g the day of net carbohydrate intake. The low-carb diet provides under 30, 40, or 50g per meal.

  • Preferences on seasonal produce:

This simply let’s you choose to have only in-season ingredients what’s the whether you’re happy with some non-seasonal.

  • Budgeting options:

You can choose to make more batch meals as per the plan, or even cut down on variety and costs.

  • Which courses you would like to enjoy:

You can choose any selection or all of Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Snacks.

  • Shopping location:

Do you plan to shop at traditional grocery stores? Or perhaps stores with more specialty ingredients (such as ‘Whole Foods’ in the US).

  • Cooking appliances:

Do you have an oven? A microwave? Or perhaps my favourite – a trusty Slow Cooker? There are more options, too.

  • Preferences on milk type:

You can choose between different fat percentages of cow’s milk, optical goat’s milk, lactose-free milk, coconut milk, and others.

  • Would you like to avoid pre-cooked or pre-chopped vegetables?
  • How much time do you have for breakfast?
  • What kind of lunch would you like?
  • How much time do you have to cook dinners (including with a slow cooker)?
  • How much time do you have to make snacks?

As you can see… There is A LOT to choose from! This is the strongest advantage of PlateJoy above other meal plan and meal delivery services – the versatility is rather quite impressive. I believe that having this many options is what really creates a unique customer experience, so this definitely goes in the favour of PlateJoy and all of us.

Thoughts On PlateJoy’s ’30-Day Cleanse’

One of the first options you’ll be presented with when personalising your individual plan is about  carbohydrates. This is where you find options such as:

  • Ketogenic
  • Low Carb
  • Low FODMAP
  • Paleo
  • And others

Looking through the list, I saw an option called the ’30-Day Clease’, and was intrigued.

“A cleanse? That sounds great!”… However, I soon realised although it is called a cleanse, that doesn’t mean that all of the foods it excludes are bad for us. Here are some notes to think about if you’re interested.

Personally, I find the ’30-Day Cleanse’ Diet Plan option to be a little misguided. It excludes all dairy, legumes, grains, and sugars, however, for most people foods such as dairy and legumes and grains are perfectly fine. In a way, the diet seems more focused towards avoiding foods which some people tend to have trouble with.

Because of this, I think it would be more appropriate to consider it a dietary elimination plan, which helps people with health issues discover whether these foods are problematic for them. It’s a tried and tested method for discovering allergies and figuring out what kind of foods work best with individuals.

In general, though, one item would be excluded at a time for more accurate results. In the 30-Day Cleanse, sugar is excluded alongside food items that could be fine with an individual, meaning that a reduction in adverse health effects as a result of reducing excess sugar intake could be seen as also being due to the other foods.

It’s not a bad idea if you believe that you react negatively to multiple of these food items, but perhaps isn’t the best “cleansing” choice for everyone. Just some thoughts, take them and Have a Look for Yourself!

PlateJoy Recipes

Ahh, yes! Onto the big question – What’s on the PlateJoy Menu? You want delicious recipes that make you feel like a Michelin Star Chef, and there’s no denying!

The recipes, naturally, are found in a large variety. They need to cater towards individual preferences, and as such the options you chose dictate the recipes! After looking through some of the PlateJoy recipes that are given for different plans, I’ve found some great examples to share as an overview.

You’ll find amazing dishes catering for gluten-free meal plans, vegetarian meal plans, and so much more. Here are some meals from popular diet plans.

Breakfast Ideas:
  • Dijon pork and vegetable breakfast bowl (Paleo)
  • Italian egg scramble with parmesan, spinach and tomato (Low Carb)
  • Oatmeal with pomegranate, walnut and chia (Mediterranean)*

(Image Credit:

Mediterranean Diet - Bowl of Oatmeal with pomegranate, walnut and chia

*P.S. Fermenting Your Oats is The Best Way to Enjoy Them! This simple preparation maximises nutrition and removes unwanted antinutrients from raw oats…

Lunch Ideas:
  • Turkey burger stacks with portobellos and avocado (Paleo)
  • Warm chickpeas with veggie chorizo and goat cheese (Low Carb)
  • Crunchy quinoa and red bean salad (Mediterranean)
Dinner Ideas:
  • Moroccan spiced halibut with tomatoes, carrot and zucchini (from Lexi’s Clean Kitchen) (Paleo)
  • Crispy trout fillet with Thai herb and romaine salad (Low Carb)
  • Mexican snapper with spicy sweet potatoes and salad (Mediterranean)
Batch Meal Ideas:
  • Middle eastern chicken & tahini bowls (Paleo)
  • Slow Cooker short rib and parsnip stew (Low Carb)
  • Sheet pan shrimp & vegetables with arugula pesto and rice (Mediterranean)

(Image Credit:

platejoy review - low carb diet natural short rib and parsnip stew in bowl

Snack Ideas:
  • Toasted Turmeric Pumpkin Seeds (Paleo)
  • Antipasti olives and almonds (Low Carb)
  • Pineapple cups with lime and mint (Mediterranean)

As you can see, there are some top quality recipes here to enjoy. There is so much more to explore, but definitely some notes to take when buying some ingredients (See ‘Best Way To Use’).

You can opt out of any dish you don’t want and select which ones you would like on your grocery list menu. It’s your choice.

Instant Nutritional Information for Each Person

If you’re just cooking for yourself, you’ll be able to access nutritional information of every recipe you make anyway. And if your online meal plan is for multiple people, it’s still easy to keep track of.

PlateJoy also has a convenient feature in which portion sizes are given for every person, meaning that if you cook a large recipe, an exact percentage will be given for each person to eat according to their goals.

Admittedly, having the information presented as a percentage can be a bit tedious. I say this because it could mean that you’ll have to to figure out the total weight of the recipe and divide it, or go by personal judgement (which isn’t always accurate).

Bonus Features!

Keeps Track of Your Pantry (Never miss an ingredient)

The ‘Digital Pantry’ is where you will find a list of ingredients for your recipes. Here you can simply update the list when you need more of an ingredient and it will be automatically added to your ‘Shopping List’. If you already have an ingredient, you can mark that, too, and it won’t be included for shopping.

You can access your Shopping List directly through the mobile app or online in a printer-friendly format. For convenience, any items that aren’t included in your Digital Pantry or Shopping List that you would like to get can be added manually.

Delivery Plan

One great feature for busy times is the option to have your groceries delivered. Not everyone enjoys or can find the time to go to the supermarket for other store directly sometimes. Fortunately, you can still have groceries delivered when using PlateJoy, and there are multiple ways that you can do this. Let’s have a look.

Unfortunately, PlateJoy do not deliver directly. If you live in the US or Canada, they will send your grocery list to Instacart, who will charge a delivery fee along with a small service fee. As I understand, you can cut down on this cost by signing up for an annual membership, but it’s an initial investment.

The Instacart delivery option isn’t for everyone, but hey, you can always get your own delivery from a supermarket or store you’d prefer and simply use the grocery list that PlateJoy offer!

Sync with FitBit

For those who want to easily track their nutrition alongside their fitness goals, integrating your PlateJoy with a FitBit (if you use one) is simple.

You can do this from your “My Account” page or from a web browser. Once you’re synced up, all you need to do is click “Track to Fitbit” for each meal on the PlateJoy Menu that you have.

How Much Does PlateJoy Cost?

There are multiple membership plans offered by PlateJoy, both of which save a lot of time and come at a surprisingly good value. No matter which personal option you choose, you’ll always start off with a free trial, which gives you 10 days to cancel if you’re not 100% satisfied the service and don’t want to pay for it!

After your free 10-day trial, you’ll be billed for your membership. This comes at a standard $69 or $99, for a 6 month or 12 month plan respectively. Per month, this means you’ll be paying just $11.50 (£8.88) if you want 6 months of meal plans, and even less at $8.25 (£6.37) for a full year!

PlateJoy pricing can be even lower: I have something, just for you.

There’s a Bonus, too! (Reduce The Price)

Here at Healthy Ronin, you know we like to provide the best service available. That’s why you can Use PlateJoy code: [HEALTHYRONIN10] and recieve a $10 Discount on your purchase! Simply click on “I have a code” at the checkout, enter ‘HEALTHYRONIN10’ (without punctuation), and you’re all set.

Try it out for 10 days, and if you like your new personalised meal plans, you can reduce the price for free.

All in all, the PlateJoy pricing will depend on your plan. It’s an initial investment after your PlateJoy Free Trial, but one that has great value on a month-by-month basis!

Start Your Free Trial Today > []

Customer PlateJoy Reviews

When writing reviews, I always try to look at the experiences of others to get a well-rounded perspective. A great way to do that is to learn from the customers themselves.

So, how do PlateJoy score in customer satisfaction? As it turns out, the majority of PlateJoy reviews are very positive indeed! To break down some of the pros and cons, we’ll see what people have to say, and then provide an overview.

According to Trustpilot

83% Excellent:
The majority of PlateJoy reviews on trustpilot are rated as excellent. Customers in this category have extremely positive comments, particularly on the variety, organisation, savings on money, food, and time, family experience, and even the staff!

12% Great:

With 12% of customers racing the service as great, that means that 95% in total rate it above average. Many positive comments are made from customers in this category, but with some small recommendations such as:

  • Making improvements to the calendar feature
  • Adding and improving more recipes
  • Integrating with MyFitnessPal (unfortunately they aren’t accepting new partners at this time. However, PlateJoy works with FitBit).

4% Average:

Some customers on Trustpilot also found that the service wasn’t ideal for them. This the great thing about reading reviews, they really give an insight into services to help you decide for yourself and learn from others’ experiences. The recommended improvements include the following:

  • Add a vegetarian keto option
  • Add more recipes (this was the largest issue for most in this category) 

1% Poor:

The problem that customers found in this category is that the meals could be of higher quality. Having read this from other categories as well, it is important to consider before signing up for the plan.

The best way to see if it’s for you is to take a look through the recipes after you’ve personalised and always test out what you can during the 10-Day Free Trial. Don’t forget that it’s always possible to substitute specific ingredients or add some of your own seasoning in if you like more complex dishes.

0% Bad:

Of the 207 reviews on the review website, none were rated as bad. I suppose that says something!


Public and individual reviews of PlateJoy tend to stick to the core point: An excellent service which has helped people improve their diet, time, and budget.

Nonetheless, the customers have also provided some recommendations for improvement. Considering these, although PlateJoy has very positive reviews overall, there are a couple of cons alongside the pros.

The key points to take away from this are that PlateJoy ready to deliver quality and value. Whilst there are still opportunities for improvement, judging from the care goes into the business and their customers, I’m sure they will only continue to get better as they grow.

Best Way To Use (What I Recommend)

Of course, there are many ways to use this program. If you need a meal plan catered towards your personal dietary preferences or requirements, the PlateJoy menu offers plenty to customise.

You can choose plans to suit your requirements, taste preference, and health goals! Personally, I’ve found several options that I feel are worth chosing for almost everyone. Here are some simple recommendations to make the most of your experience.

#1: Avoid These Ingredients

The personalisation page let’s you choose additional options for your diet, and exclude a range of ingredients (to your preference). Amongst these, I suggest anyone using PlateJoy to try the following:

  • Choose “Clean Eating”: This excludes processed foods and refined sugars, according to their website. These are two of the food industry’s worst items, and avoiding them is optimal for physical, mental, and genetic health.
  • Avoid “Added sugar”: This ties into the above point, as added sugar is counterproductive for anyone eating to achieve a healthier body through any natural diet.
  • Avoid “Soy”: It’s a common belief that soy products are a healthy protein source. And traditionally, it certainly was so. However, most modern products are not prepared properly, and as such contain large amounts of anti-nutrients, phytoestrogens, goitrogens, and enzyme inhibitors. Too much of these can interfere with hormonal and digestive processes.

It’s quite surprising to me that a healthy meal planning program such as PlateJoy would have these items on their menu. Personally, I really believe some items like added sugars should be excluded anyway. This detail is, unfortunately, a minus in this PlateJoy review score.

Nonetheless, you have the option to exclude them, so it’s not a major problem!

#2: Choose To Cook Your Own Protein

PlateJoy recipes are catered towards your convenience, and if you don’t have the time to cook or your own protein (meat, fish, etc.), when you can buy it pre-cooked. This will save time, but comes with a couple of potential downsides.

Firstly, it will be less budget-friendly to buy pre-cooked meat or other foods. Cooked proteins generally come at a considerably higher price. Because of this, they’re not the best options for healthy food on a budget.

Secondly, home-cooked food is generally better in taste and nutritional quality! When you buy pre-cooked meat, for example, it’s more than likely that it would have been cooked rather well-done. This certainly takes away from the nutritional quality, and can add carcinogens. Whilst it’s impractical to always avoid these foods, doing things yourself gives you more control (unless you add your own healthy seasonings)!

platejoy review - highly personalised meal plan reminder to use the personalisation features

#3: Customise, Customise, Customise! (IMPORTANT)

Don’t forget this step! Personalisation is important for the program and how well it will work for you. At the same time, without personalising, you’ll find unwanted ingredients on your grocery list. You wouldn’t have to get them, but it would probably be a bother.

There is an important downside here for the list on this PlateJoy review.

Notably, I have found several meals and snacks that make use of added sugar, “cooking spray” (unhealthy oils), and some pre-packaged foods like “veggie burgers”, and ketchup. Additionally, you can find a considerable amount of high-glycemic foods such as honey, some fruits, and mirin.

Certain ingredients on this list can be avoided with certain plans such as Low Carb or Paleo. As a result, the best thing to do is simply click the ‘Remove’ or ‘Swap’ button on unwanted recipes. Besides, don’t forget you could substitute and eliminate ingredients when you cook, choosing healthy fats and oils, and opting for whole food ingredients.

For the most part, PlateJoy recipes and the PlateJoy menu as a whole contain mostly nutritious whole ingredients. You can choose to avoid certain ingredients before being offered recipe lists, (including “other” items which you can type in yourself). If you find something that you don’t want on your list, you can simply swap it.

Another possibility is to search through the recipe library and select what you’d like to make.

(P.S.: If you choose the Diabetic/Prediabetic meal plan, beware of refined carbohydrates such as bread, crackers, and wraps. You can exclude these items from your list. Alternatively, why not subsitute for healthier options like cooled (sweet) potatoes, lettuce or cabbage for wraps, and so on?

Therefore, I recommend using PlateJoy, but don’t forget to customise – that’s a strong point of the program!

Conclusion: Is PlateJoy Worth It?

Is PlateJoy worth it? That’s what it really comes down to, but only you can decide that. I hope that this PlateJoy review has given you some insight to help you decide! By using this online meal planning service, you have instant access to quality recipes and useful features to suit your your personal diet and health goals.

For a standard price of $69 for 6 months and $99 for a whole year, they absolutely deliver to a high value. And what’s better, is that you can even reduce the amount and receive a free $10 Discount by using the PlateJoy Code HEALTHYRONIN10.

Click Here To Get Started > [Unlock Your Meal Plan Today!]

It certainly has been worth it for many satisfied customers, which says a lot about their service.

Using a meal planner can save money, time, and food, and who doesn’t like that?

Considering that it still does have some improvements to make (and I’m sure they will be made), overall I rate this service a 9 / 10.Healthy Ronin review 9/10 score for PlateJoy Review

Let me know in the comments below if you have any experience with similar services, and send me your thoughts on this one! This post is sponsored by PlateJoy, thank you for reading.

Until next time, stay healthy


What is PlateJoy?

PlateJoy is one of the best online meal planners available. It offers highly personalised meal plans for your health and diet goals with easy-to-follow recipes. Your Shopping List is instantly updated using your Digital Pantry in app or using a web browser.

What Kinds of Diet Plans are There?

You get to create your own plan from many different personalisation features, including carb intake (keto, mediterranean, diabetic/prediabetic, and more), preferences on animal products, eating requirements (including gluten-free), weight loss goals, budgeting, and much more.

What’s on the PlateJoy Menu?

The PlateJoy menu provides you with a variety of meals that can be added to your meal queue. This post has examples of enticing PlateJoy recipes like Mediterranean oatmeal, egg scramble, Moroccan spiced halibut, slow cooker stews, and more. You’ll be sure to find something to your liking, whether that’s a casserole, wrap, curry, or something a bit lighter. They categorise breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and batch meals.

Do PlateJoy Deliver?

Unfortunately, PlateJoy do not deliver directly. However, US and CA citizens can sync the shopping list with Instacart. Also, it’s possible to do your shopping online using your list and have it delivered separately, such as for when you can’t make it to the grocery store.

Products & Services

Is Diet Chef Healthy? Honestly, You’d Be Surprised…

A fairly popular dieting program, diet chef has been tried by many people, who have had a variety of experiences. This makes up over 200,000 people across the UK. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a good choice, so with a focus on overall health, we’ll be answering the question: “Is Diet Chef Healthy?”.

The programs have a main focus on delivering meals with a controlled portion size. This is supposed to lead to less calorie intake and subsequently weight loss.

Is Diet Chef Healthy? A Truthful Review…

A Popular UK Delivery Diet Plan

  • Overall Rating: 2/10
  • Price: £199 – £245 per Month (Core Program)
  • Best Place to Purchase: Their Website
  • Customer Reviews: Mixed
  • Guarantee: 14 Day Money Back Guarantee

What The Diet Chef UK Reviews Really Say…

First off, let’s address the results and experiences people have had with Diet Chef. This is a natural starting point and an accurate representation of the business and its diet programs.

Let’s jump straight into an overview of what people are saying…

The Positives

On the website, one of their top pages is titled “Success Stories”. This compiles 42 stories from people who have followed there diets and managed to lose weight, ranging from around 1.5 – 7 stone individually.

This is a positive impact on people, for sure. It teaches its customers about portion control and not overeating. This is a great skill that can really help out in an overall healthy diet, preventing chronic effects, and even financially.

There are also positive comments on sites like Trustpilot, where customers are keen to speak about their weight loss results.Examples of satisfied reviews are from people having lost 4kg in the first week, 8lb in the first week, and even 3lb in first 3 days.

One customer mentioned “ditching the fat”, which reflects the diets emphasis on reducing fat intake as demonstrated in their “diet guide”. This reduces calories, but isn’t good for long-term health, as we will see.

The Negatives

On the other hand, there are also a significant amount of negative reviews. These include people discussing:

  • Undesirable taste and flavours in the foods
  • Orders getting mixed up
  • Deliveries arriving broken
  • Lack of flexibility
  • Refunds and unsubscriptions not being dealt with
  • Alternative recommendations

So yes, there are positives, but there are also negatives. Nutritionally, it’s not ideal and provides unnatural ingredients. We’ll talk about this now.

Does Diet Chef Work?

In short, it depends on what you’re looking for. The focus is on losing weight, but do you want to do this in a healthy and sustainable way? If you’re currently having “cheat days” quite often, the meals they’ll give you are generally better than a takeaway.

The program has helped people lose weight simply by reducing caloric intake, and saves people the time of making their own meals. The meals unfortunately not ideal for health, as we’ll see.

So if you’re looking to improve overall health, consider whether it’s better than your current practices, and think twice about this program. If you’re looking simply to lose weight any way you can, the program might help but you could save the money and simply eat less, and eat better. It’s your choice!

The positive aspect is that people don’t feel like they’re missing out, so it’s easier to stick to. For the most part, they aren’t missing out, they’re just eating smaller portions…

How Does It Work, and What Does This Really Mean?

We’re trying to answer “Is Diet Chef healthy?”, so we need to consider all of the fundamentals. Most importantly, what it does, how it does so, what it doesn’t do, and its effects on health.

Let’s start by acknowledging a root cause of weight gain: We haven’t evolved to eat the amount that many people do today. It’s a clear problem, and one that needs solving. At the same time, we have by no means evolved to eat much of the stuff that people do! Our bodies simply aren’t design for it, which leads to to countless negative health effects.

One could lose weight and eat fast food if they consume a low amount of calories, and especially if they use them more. The thing is, it’s not sustainable, and will eventually become counterproductive as metabolic functions and the healthy roles that fat plays are interfered with.

Diet Chef works on this principal and delivers meals, recommending amounts to eat according to the BMI and caloric needs. By eating less, people on this program create a calorie deficit, which means that they burn more than they take in.

As a result, the body fuels is energy from stored glycogen and fat around the body, therefore leading to weight loss. It can be an effective strategy, but one that should be followed in the right ways.

Note: Restricting too many calories is counterproductive as your body will lead to weight loss at unhealthy rate, and will prioritise the storage of energy (as fat). Calorie-restriction slows down metabolism, so it shouldn’t be extreme and should be paired with exercise.

Diet Chef has a BMI calculator on their website and instead of catering portions for each customer, will recommend a calorie intake to help you lose weight.

Diet Chef’s Meals… To Eat or Not To Eat?

When it comes to meal choices, they give you a set of options for the plan you choose. Then you have the freedom to decide what you do and do not want to be delivered. They have vegetarian and wheat-free meals available, too.

Unfortunately, the food that they offer isn’t necessarily healthy. It may be healthier than having takeaways, but still contains unhealthy ingredients and added sugars. On top of this they recommend avoiding saturated fat, which is an outdated idea. In reality, this recommendation hasn’t been fully evidence-backed since it’s very origin.

Let’s take a look at some of these points…

Saturated Fat Is Healthy - VS TOXIC TRANS FAT - diet chef review

Dietary Fat Is Not Bad! Don’t Be Misled by Carbs Either…

We mentioned earlier that the program focuses on reducing fat intake. At the same time, they emphasise a high carbohydrate diet (irregardless of activity level) and aren’t afraid to add sugar into their products. Along with this, a high intake of sweet fruits is (conventionally) promoted…

These approaches to eating have been demonstrated in numerous peer-reviewed studies and meta-analyses to have negative health effects. Additionally, other healthier diets often are more efficient. High-fat low-carb diets: (^)(^); Effects of sugar: (^); Keto:(^)(^).

Time for a little (well-due) rant! c:

You have been warned…

Note: DO NOT be misled – high-fat diets, even with saturated fat, do not cause harm or heart disease. The effects and their significance is determined by the types of fat consumed (^)(^). Whilst funded studies will tell you that high-fat diets are bad for you, there are many factors unconsidered, and conclusions are made from outdated beliefs. The “saturated fat as an unhealthy nutrient” myth has been dispelled many times (^)(^)(^)(^). These fats don’t increase cardiometabolic diseases, coronary heart disease risk, or clog the arteries. Studies have also used toxic oxidised and trans fats, and referred to their health impacts as reflecting natural saturated fat’s.

Saturated fats also play many important beneficial biological roles. These include:

  • Improving heart health and cholesterol ratios (^)
  • Aiding vitamin uptake and calium and other nutrient transport (^), as do other dietary fats (^)(^) – A variety of dietary fats, including saturated is often important for overall health (^)(^).
  • Increases satiety
  • Acting as antiviral and antimicrobial agents
  • Provides beneficial fuel for energy and the brain
  • Building and repleneshing cells
  • And more…

Even the fats they do include have trans fats, which are harmful in many ways and cause enzymes to malfunction. The affected enzymes can’t send the signals to burn or transform fat cells. These toxic unnatural products can also create cascades of inflammation throughout the body.

It’s sad to see that so many “health” and weight loss programs still follow this conventional way of thinking. You can see the end of this post for my personal recommendation when it comes to a beneficial diet program.

Is Diet Chef A Scam?

The question “Is Diet Chef a scam?” isn’t difficult to answer. This program is not a scam in itself, as they do not claim to provide improve health, and simply focus on weight loss. The reason some people might believe it is a scam it’s because of negative experiences.

You might recall the stories of customers not being able to cancel the subscriptions or orders correctly. This reflects more closely the customer service and possibly ethos of the business rather than its diet. There is also a £50 cancellation fee for customers who cancel past the initial 14-day money back guarantee date.

If this question was in relation to “Is Diet Chef healthy?”, then it would quite possibly be considered a scam, and at least in poor interest. But for what the program explicitly states, it can help people lose weight and can provide value for anyone with such a goal. It undeniably does teach a lesson in portion control, which is a transferable skill that people may take on from the program.

So Then, Is Diet Chef Healthy?

In conclusion: not really. In fact it’s fair to say it’s far from it, unfortunately. Taken from a perspective view, it is a certain improvement in relation to overeating or eating a lot of takeaways / junk food. In that respect it can be considered healthier, but I still feel that it can’t be considered healthy overall.

Anyone overweight or looking to lose weight to maintain a healthy body mass can benefit from the program, however. Achieving this in itself provide health benefits and prevent risks, and therefore the program may help some people to become healthier.

It works on basic principles that can be applied to any diet, and are easy and cheaper to follow simply by eating real whole food in appropriate amounts.

Another Problem…

I have explained my reasons for saying this above, at least partly. A big issue to consider is what is found in the food they provide:

  • Lots of added sugar*
  • Vegetable oils (sunflower, rapeseed, etc.)
  • And unhealthy additives…

*Added sugar in literally every item I looked at apart from fruit and nuts mixes (snacks), which still have toxic oils. Sugar is included in chocolate bars, cookies, snacks, even in curries, coq au vin, and “Orginal Oats”!

This comes in “sugar”, “syrup”, and other forms.

Please, Take a Look for Yourself Here.

Added sugar has been linked to negative health effects in countless studies. It’s simple. Recently it has also been linked more directly to cancer than before. Furthermore, we have known for a long time about its influence in the causation of inflammation, type 2 diabetes, insulin resistance, impaired brain cell formation and function, epigenetic effects, and much more.

added sugar is counterproductive (sugar cubes) - is diet chef healthy

And about the oils? Today we can find these hidden toxins (trans fats) everywhere in pre-made and ready “food”. They have many similar harmful effects to sugar, but also their own harmful effects.

For example, as important enzymes tried to metabolize these trans fats, the fats actually stick to the enzyme and render them inactive. Without these enzymes, we cannot properly and efficiently metabolize fat cells. This leads to an impaired ability to store and burn fat, or even transform it into other cell types.

Anyone wanting to lose weight should consider this enemy number one, along with high amounts of sugar. Therefore, I really find it counterintuitive to add these into a diet plan with the aim to aid weight loss.

My Recommendations…

Really, losing weight can be complicated. Certain basic principles in diet, including mindfulness and portion control do achieve results though.

Therefore, I would recommend the people with this goal in mind simply eat Whole Foods and natural diet, maintain a calorie deficit (often recommended at 500 below your daily requirements), and exercise at least five days a week. Exercise can include moderate-intensity jogging, HIIT, going on long walks, and much more.

Doing this will efficiently achieve healthy results, save money, and improve your overall health. It takes the first “hurdle” but once you notice the benefits you’ll feel so much better and then it becomes easy to stick to.

Understandably, it’s the first hurdle that some people need help with, and never better diet programs than Diet Chef for this.

What If You Want A Fixed Program?

I believe that by far the best one that I’ve found is PlateJoy.

It’s a highly personalised program, and caters to all types of dieting. They create meals for a range of lifestyles and consider people’s weight loss goals and activity levels at the same time.

You can customise your carbohydrate intake, which is great for different diets such as low carb, ketogenic, and more. At the same time you can choose preferences for meat, so those with pescatarian or vegetarian or other beliefs can comfortably follow the diet.

I would highly recommend following a “Clean Eating” approach to the diet which will avoid processed foods and sugars. There is much more to talk about, as we will do. You Can Take a Look Here if you’re interested (or Read This Review to Learn More)!

That’s All For Now!

Overall, I rate this service a 2/10. It may help with losing weight initially, but provides unsustainable and rather unhealthy diet programs…

Product Rating 2/10 - diet chef UK REVIEWS

Anyway, that’s all for this post. I hope to have helped you make a decision when it comes to this dieting program. Always consider your specific goals and whether anything you sign up to truly caters to them.

We’ve answered and analyse the details for those wondering “Is Diet Chef healthy?”. Let me know so if you have any experience with similar programs below!

If you enjoyed reading this, why not Have a Read of Our Other Articles where we cover topics such as recipes, healthy foods and lists, ethnic cuisine, and more!

Until next time, stay healthy

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Morphy Richards Slow Cooker Review

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, all this means is that Healthy Ronin receives a commission if you make a purchase using links on this page. This is at no additional cost to you, and only helps to keep this website running. For our full Affiliate Disclosure, you can click here. Enjoy your stay 🙂

Looking for a large slow cooker that actually stands up to its value? It’s hard to know which to choose! This Morphy Richards Slow Cooker Review may cover just what you need.

Morphy Richards Slow Cooker Review (Silver 6.5L 48705EE)

My #1 Recommendation For Families

  • Overall Rating: 9/10
  • Price: £34.99 (22% Discount)
  • Best Place to Purchase:
  • Customer Reviews: Very Positive
  • Guarantee: Optional 2 Year Warranty
  • Material: Ceramic Pot, Stainless Steel and Plastic Device

You probably know why to use a slow cooker, as we’ve covered in This Post: They’re cheap, they’re healthy, and they save oh so much hassle. In this Morphy Richards slow cooker review, we’ll discover the pros and the cons to help you decide if it’s for you.

P.S. Click the link below to learn more about the great benefits of slow cookers. They’re popular for a reason!

Read: Why To Use A Slow Cooker – Cheap, and Healthy?

What Does It Do?

Slow cookers are an increasingly popular kitchen device that allow for easier cooking, and oftentimes healthier, too. They work by creating heat at the base of the pot, which then transfers to the sides, heating the food inside all around. The lid keeps moisture and heat in the vessel.

The reason slow cookers are “slow” is because of the lower temperatures at which they cook food. This is a much more gentle process which helps to protect the nutrients and food and make them more available to us.

Because of this, slow cookers are excellent at creating flavourful foods with the perfect textures.

When cooking meat in a slow cooker, adding some water for moisture is an excellent way to make it much more tender and delicious and healthy. Slow cookers actually save a lot of time, as you don’t need to supervise them.

This slow cooker by Morphy Richards is a 6.5 Litre model. It’s best working with capacities up to 4.5L, and like many slow cookers on the market has 3 standard settings for cooking.

These settings are ‘Low’, ‘Medium’, and ‘High’. Typically, the low setting is about 200°F (93°C), the high 300°F (149°C), and medium cooks at high for an hour and then switches to low.

P.S. Cooking on high for 1 hour is about the same as cooking for 2 to 2 1/2 hours on low, according to The Spruce Eats.

Onto a breakdown for this Morphy Richards slow cooker review…


Perfect For Families & Friends

Many parents have to come home in the evenings and then cook, when really they could be relaxing and enjoying themselves more.

I think that a great benefit of this slow cooker is the capacity. The slow cooker being on the larger side is good for families, as it can easily cater for up to 3-5 people in a single batch.

This means that with 10 to 15 minutes in the morning of preparation, the whole family could be out for the day and come back in the evening to a cooked meal for them all.

This large family slow cooker therefore can take the stress out of weekday dinners.

Much due to the same convenience, I think it’s worth mentioning that it’s also good for friends. If you’re hosting a BBQ or going to a meet-up, it’s great for cooking up Side Dishes*, even potatoes, meatballs, or curries. The possibilities are almost countless!

(P.S. If you follow the healthy side dish recipes, I’d recommend omitting the maple syrup from the sweet potato dish)… If you find any other added sugars (which you shouldn’t), just skip them :))

Versatile with 3 Settings

An important part for our Morphy Richards slow cooker review is functionality, of course!

A great feature of many slow cookers is the fact that they have multiple settings. As explained above, these consist of ‘Low’, ‘Medium’, and ‘High’. The names of rather self-explanatory, low being a lower temperature, high a higher temperature, and medium being an in-between point.

  • The low setting on this slow cooker cooks at around 200°F or 93°C.
  • Then the medium setting cooks on high for an hour, and then switches to low.
  • And the high setting cooks at around 300°F or 149°C.

Personally, I almost always use ‘Low’ on my cooker, especially with meat as it is a more gentle process. You’ll find this creates more tasty, nutritious, and tender meat with a less chance of overcooking. Cooking on high is typically for when you want a meal within 2-4 hours, low within 6-8 hours, and medium some time in between. But don’t take my word for it! This will vary depending on what you’re cooking, how much water you add, how much you’re cooking, and so on.

For example, sometimes you’ll only need low for a few hours! (Just go by the recipe). Either way, this is definitely a thumbs up in our Morphy Richards slow cooker review.

Cheaper Than Alternatives

For a Morphy Richards review, or any in fact, price is always important. When comparing this slow cooker to others with similar function, I discovered actually quite a bargain…

For many slow cookers online of this size and quality, you could expect to spend upwards of £40 just to get one.

That isn’t ideal for many of us just looking for an easier and healthier way to cook. It’s not a huge investment, and certainly is one that’s worth it, but if you can get just as good for cheaper you’re in the right place.

Usually this slow cooker has a retail price of £44.99, and fortunately often comes at a lower price on Amazon. The current deal of £34.99 gives customers a 22% discount, saving you a good amount of what you might spend elsewhere!

I quite like this deal and think because it’s almost always cheaper from Amazon, it’s worth including in our slow cooker review. The price changes, so don’t miss out: Pick up Your Own One Here.

Satisfied Customer Reviews

When it comes to customer satisfaction, you will find mostly positive Morphy Richards slow cooker reviews. I feel that this demonstrates a certain level of trust for the manufacturer. After reading through many of The Customer Reviews personally, I found to be the biggest positives and negatives.


  • Great For Families
  • ✅ Improves Flavour
  • ✅ More Tender Meat
  • ✅ Saves Time
  • ✅ Easy Clean Up
  • ✅ Good Value For Size
  • ✅ Easy to Use
  • ✅ Perfect for Bone Broth*

*You can read my article on this amazing vitality-giving serum by Clicking Here!


  • ❌ Unexpectedly Hot
  • ❌ No Programmable Timer (Must be turned off manually unless you use a timed plug)
  • ❌ Reports of Poor Condition Upon Arriving

Overall, the Morphy Richards slow cooker reviews left by customers are in the green.

Many five star reviews show satisfied customers, which are complimented by comments on how useful the slow cooker is for families.

Other common positives include how easy it is to use and clean, and the impressive improvements to cooking. (Amongst others…)

On the other hand, there are a few specific complaints that customers had.

The product arrived cracked or chipped for some people, which understandably lead to negative reviews. I feel this reflects the courier more than the product, and might necessitate the Warranty a little bit more (£7.25).

Others expected lower temperatures for cooking (generally low is enough) or would have preferred a timer.


A Little Big For Singles or Couples

If you’re looking for a slow cooker for yourself or just for a couple of people, then this slow cooker by Morphy Richards probably isn’t for you. A 6.5L capacity means that this is more suited towards families, cooking enough for 4 or 5 people on average. This is especially true for cooking meals such a stews.

However, it’s not all bad. If you’re a busy person and like to prepare your lunches and meals in advance, then a larger capacity might actually help. You can still use this to cook smaller meals as well, but for that maybe you would prefer a cheaper and smaller slow cooker. Either way, in general some people won’t need a slow cooker this big. You can even get slow cookers as small as 1.5L! More commonly you’ll find 2.5L or 3.5L, though.

Review Morphy Richards Slow Cooker For Families - Large Cauldron and Monk

No Timer

Whilst you can leave the slow cooker on and go out, you might not want to leave on for too long. Overcooked meat, for example, is something many of us can agree is a disaster!

Therefore, depending on how long you plan to leave it, it’s useful to have a timer so you can turn it off when you need.

Some slow cookers come with this built-in, although many do not. With a larger slow cooker such as this, people tend to also cook for others as well (this isn’t a requirement of course).

It might give you some extra confidence if you can rely on it the switch off when your busy.

On the other hand, an excellent work around is simply getting a cheap Timer Plug (Find One Here). That way, you can plug it in, switch it on and set a duration. Simple, but an inbuilt timer would be preferred.

Overall Verdict

So, in this Morphy Richards slow cooker review we have covered some great benefits, and some cons worth considering. The slow cooker is an excellent addition to your arsenal, especially if you’re cooking for more people and I looking for value for money!

If you’re cooking single meals for yourself or 2-3 people, there are smaller alternatives. Additionally, much like many slow cookers it doesn’t come with a timer.

Considering all of the above, here is my Overall Product Rating:  I give this The Healthy Ronin’s Mark of Approval with a 9/10.

Get Your Very Own Slow Cooker by Clicking Here. (Whilst it’s on discount)…

Let me know of your favourite slow cooker recipes, or how you intend to use one! I find them excellent for homemade bone broths and quality stews and meat. Comment below and share your thoughts, I’ll be sure to send you a reply!

Anyway, that is all for this review. I hope to have helped you as much as I can!

Until next time, stay healthy

What Are The Pros?

First and foremost, this slow cooker by Morphy Richards is suitable for families and friends. It is highly effective and versatile with three settings, and comes at a great price leaving many customers more than happy!

What Are The Cons?

Something important to consider is once again, the size. If you’re only looking to cook single meals for one or two people, that are smaller slow cookers out there. Additionally, it doesn’t come with a timer built in, but some slow cookers do.

Who Is The Morphy Richards Slow Cooker For?

In this Morphy Richards slow cooker review, we see that the slow cooker is best for families and friends (larger groups of people). It is also suitable for those looking to cook batch meals, or how often have company over. It can be used for people who cook for themselves or only a couple, but might be unnecessarily big.
Also, if you’re sometimes extra busy, you might want a slow cooker with a timer instead, or to get a simple timer plug.

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Reverse Osmosis Filter Review – The Best Reverse Osmosis System 2019?

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, all this means is that Healthy Ronin receives a commission if you make a purchase using links on this page. This is at no additional cost to you, and only helps to keep this website running. For our full Affiliate Disclosure, you can click here. Enjoy your stay 🙂


Crystal Quest Thunder 4000M(P)
Reverse Osmosis Filter Review


Crystal Quest CQE-RO-00112 Thunder 4000M RO+UF Reverse Osmosis System by Crystal Quest - 50 GPD
  • Overall Rating: 8/10
  • Price: $520 / £427.70 (Or $15 per month) – Standard,
    OR $610 / £502 (Or $20 per month) – with Pressure Pump
  • Best Place to Purchase:    (/    with Pressure Pump)
  • Customer Reviews: N/A
  • Guarantee: 1 Year Warranty* & 30 Day Money-back Guarantee
  • Material: Plastic / Metal

*(If installed by a licensed plumber)

If you read our post about The Top Water Filters for drinking water, you may know that Crystal Quest offers a high-end Reverse Osmosis Water Filter.
But, we didn’t get to cover it in full detail. So today, we’ll help you
decide whether this water filter really is for you. We’ll be covering a
range of pros and cons, and delivering a final verdict in this reverse
osmosis filter review.

Water supplies across the world are full of contaminants. This means developed countries, and undeveloped. Chances are, you’ve been drinking is impurities for a long time, and unfortunately they have been linked to quite a few you health risks.


We covered this in a separate article, but potential risks include cancer, endocrine disorders, reduced reproductive health, and more. This water filter helps to remove a lot of these chemicals and impurities, but what makes it different to the rest?


What Does It Do?

The Thunder 4000M(P) is a 17-stage Reverse Osmosis System. However, it combines several other technologies, too, such as ultrafiltration membranes, carbon filters, and UV sterilisation. What this results in is an outstanding amount of impurities being removed from the water.

At the same time, you can also add other parts to the filter to improve its function, such as a remineraliser which we highly recommend. More about that later.

Product Note: You can buy this filter with or without a pressure pump. The 4000M is without, and the 4000MP comes with one. You’ll need the pressure pump if you you have a low water pressure (below 35 psi) in your house / supply.

If you don’t know your water pressure, you can measure it using a simple pressure gauge (available in most hardware stores) or research your type of boiler and supply

Let’s take a brief look at what different stages of filtration does.


Reverse Osmosis

This is a technology used in water purification to remove a varied amount of contaminants. It works with a semi-permeable membrane through which water is transported by using pressure.

By doing this, it effectively removes:

  • Heavy Metals such as Mercury and Lead
  • Fluoride
  • Sediment
  • Hormones and Pharmaceuticals (/ Drugs)
  • Minerals*

However, it may leave some amount of:

  • Microplastics (including BPA)
  • Chlorine
  • Chlorine By-products (including trihalomethanes)
  • Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOC’s)
  • Bacteria, Viruses, Cysts, Pathogens


Reverse Osmosis Filter Review - less Heavy Metals Fluoride Sediment Hormones and Drugs Minerals, washing hands in fresh natural water*Whilst being effective, reverse osmosis is best when paired with other methods. This is because it removes beneficial minerals and a considerable amount of some contaminants can get through it.

However, the RO technology of this filter removes contaminants down to 0.001 micrometres of size!

That is far more than you might expect from other systems, and is by no means unimpressive.


One thing that nonetheless makes this filter so high-end in quality, is that it combines different techniques for the best outcome. If you want fresher, more natural water, this is a good start.

Carbon Filtration

Due to the versatility, carbon filters (such as granular activated carbon blocks) are found in a range of different water filters.

They reduce contaminants by adsorbtion (basically, they trap particles on their surface). However, carbon filters home with multiple different filter sizes, most of the time varying from 0.5 micrometres up to 50. The smaller the filter size, more contaminants removed.

The Crystal Quest cartridges filter particles down to 5 micrometres of size. Therefore, you can expect chlorine, VOC’s, some microplastics, sediment, mercury, and unpleasant tastes and odours to be removed.

Carbon filters have an extremely large surface area, which is what makes them efficient filters with an expected function time of 6 to 9 months. After which time, you can purchase replacement cartridges.


Extra and Ultrafiltration Stages

Several extra stages of filtration ensure that what does get through initial stages, doesn’t get into the water. These include four 1 micron pre-filter pads, and a 0.2 micron ultrafiltration (UF) membrane.

Another technology combined in the filter is the use of copper and zinc alloys. These have powerful effects on heavy metals, chlorine, iron, and hydrogen sulphide whilst preventing bacterial growth. Additionally, de-ionization stages target metals, resins, and water hardness.

In order, the water is filtered by:

  1. Carbon
  2. 0.2 micron UF membrane
  3. 1 micron filter
  4. Granular activated carbon (GAC)
  5. Ion exchange
  6. Alloys
  7. Alloys
  8. 1 micron filter
  9. Reverse Osmosis (RO)
  10. 1 micron filter
  11. Eagle Redox Alloy beds
  12. Eagle Redox Alloy beds
  13. Ion exchange
  14. Granular activated carbon (GAC)
  15. 1 micron filter
  16. Ultraviolet (UV) water sterilisation
  17. 0.2 micron UF membrane

The final two stages in particular prevents bacteria and help to provide pristine levels of purity.

Let’s see whether it could be the best reverse osmosis system 2019, or not. Here are the pros and cons.


Here are some of the benefits of using a water filter. For the sake of this reverse osmosis filters review, we’ll also be comparing this model to other competing filters on the market to see how it stacks up.

After these, we’ll discuss the cons and then deliver a final verdict and decision on whether the crystal quest filter is really the best you can get.

Removes over 500 Contaminants

Don’t forget Why To Use A Water Filter. There are many reasons to use a water filter, but none more significant than removing harmful chemicals and impurities.

Without a doubt, that makes this is one of the most effective water filters available. With all of its stages, it can remove over 500 contaminants in water to a high degree.

Here is a quick list of some of the most significant reductions:

  • Overall Water Hardness
  • Total Dissolved Solids (Sediment, Rust, Silt, and More)
  • Aluminium
  • Calcium
  • Chloride
  • Copper
  • Fluoride
  • Iron
  • Magnesium
  • Manganese
  • Nitrates
  • Pathogens and other organic molecules
  • Sodium
  • Trihalomethanes

As you can see, using this system provides significantly pure water. It removes a range of harmful chemicals and unwanted impurities, preventing them from getting into a water and ultimately into our bodies.

Compared to other competing multi-stage water filters, the 17-stage Crystal Quest is extremely in-depth with even more filtration just to ensure quality. The well-reviewed Radiant Life 14-Stage water purifier, for example, has less stages and yet it is much more costly to purchase. We’ll talk about this more later on.

When considering a high-end water filter, you want to know you’re getting what your money is worth. So, being able to know that a good job is being done is essential. This earns the Thunder 4000M(P) a big plus in this review.

Remineralises Water

Some of you may have noticed something about the list above. And maybe also about reverse osmosis… The minerals are removed from the water! Initially, this is a negative point for the filter, as the minerals in water help to provide alkalinity, taste, and nutrition.

However, the argument is slightly conflicting nutritionally, as a balanced diet provides the same minerals that water does. Nonetheless, it is better to have them them to go without.

So, what can you do about this? Well, something particular about this reverse osmosis system, is that you have the option to add beneficial minerals back in.


The Natural Mineraliser Cartridge lasts for up to 1 year, and helps to provide us with calcium, magnesium, sodium, and potassium. These are essential for overall health, aiding organ function, growth, and fighting free radicals.
Moreover, inadequate amounts can lead to reduced bone strength, heart disease, and other chronic illnesses.

The cartridge comes at a price of $69.00, but is currently reduced to $52.00. You should get a plumber to install it.

Other alternatives to remineralise your water include adding mineral drops (about $67 / £55 per year with repeated purchases) or a small pinch of (pink) Himalayan salt.

Reverse Osmosis Filter Review - beneficial minerals alkaline healthy water natural spring

Value For Money

As related to the point above, the water purifier does provide a high amount of value. In this reverse osmosis filter review, it’s clear that the Thunder 4000M(P) model is one of the top of available on the market.

However, its value doesn’t just lie in its effectiveness and ability to add minerals back into the water. They certainly help, but there is more.

As with a lot of filters (and other devices), you’ll eventually need to replace certain parts to keep it functioning at its best. This does sound like a hassle but only has to be done every 0.5 to 4 years, depending on the part. (We’ll explain that part)…

This is a con on our list, make no mistake. But we know that we could say the same about most (if not all) multi-stage filters.

On average it doesn’t cost more than expected for its product type and is mostly a necessary investment. The reverse osmosis membrane will require replacing every 2 – 4 years. The remineraliser each year, the UF membranes every 1 – 3 years, and the carbon blocks 6 – 9 months.

If we break it down, it can add up to differing amounts of money but is useful. The more you use it, the more you’ll need to replace it, and vice versa.

That is to say, if we assume maximum costs, without any discounts or offers, it will equal $297.60, plus $60 the next year for the reverse osmosis membrane. However, considering minimal costs, still without any discounts or offers (and divide by the years) that will be reduced to roughly $207.00 per year. Those prices include the recommended remineraliser.

It’s fair to say the filter does deserve a point for its value, despite the hassle of the re-purchasing parts.

Once again compared to the Radiant Life 14-Stage water purifier, there is an advantage here. Despite not requiring replaceable parts, the filter costs $1,695.00 at its lowest, or the equivalent of 4-6 years’ worth of using the Thunder 4000 17-Stage Water Purifier.

Note: The running costs we discuss further below.

1-Year Warranty

Another thing to like about this filter is its warranty. There’s nothing worse than buying something, especially anything high-end, and something going wrong. But even worse when you can’t get a refund or replacement.

For the filter system, Crystal Quest provides a warranty to protect purchasers considering this. You can read more about it here. As long as it is installed according to the ‘Use and Care Manual’ buy a licensed plumber, you’ll be able to get a repair, replacement, or refund without charge should it prove to be faulty.

This means that you can have more confidence in your purchase, and does make the company more trustworthy.

This is a plus for our reverse osmosis filter review.

Not only could it possibly be considered the best reverse osmosis system 2019, the warranty gives it a trusting reputation.

Monthly Payment Available

Budgeting. It’s a useful thing. Not everyone has the money around to outright buy a lot of the things they have, including cars, houses, and machinery.

Fortunately, whilst you probably won’t need a loan for this system, that doesn’t mean you have to save up the full price either. offer you the option of instead making smaller monthly payments on all orders over $500. If you apply for their equipment financing options, you can lease-to-own the Thunder 4000M(P).

This can be as low as $15 Per Month without the extra pressure pump, or $20 Per Month with it. You can see more details over at the product page.

Fresher Taste and Odour

As expected, improved taste and odour are nice bonuses to the benefits of using this water purifier. But without the mineraliser / alkaliser, the water may taste a bit “flat”.

This is because the flavour of most tap water (and bottled) comes from the added chemicals. Without these, water has a much more neutral and natural taste.

Removing the beneficial minerals also affects the taste, however. So adding them back into the water will not only benefit health but may result in a better tasting refreshing glass of water.

Works With Lower Water Pressures (35-60 psi)

Similar water filters require a higher water pressure to function properly. For example, the iSpring RCC7AK 6-Stage water filter requires at least 45 PSI, although it has less stages. Other filters even require at least 60 PSI, too. This often means that you have to buy a pressure pump.

And although that isn’t necessarily a troublesome endeavour, if you don’t need it, you’ll be saving money and and space.

The Crystal Quest Thunder 4000M works with water pressures as low as 35 PSI, which is better than average for this kind of filter. Smaller reverse osmosis systems may work at least only at slightly lower PSI scores. So, for one this size it is a good thing for customers.

The other benefits here is that there is an option where the pressure pump: The Thunder 4000MP.

lower water pressure needed 35 - 60 PSI - pressure gauge

Additionally, you can expect a flow rate of up to 0.5 gallons per minute when using this filter.

Free U.S. Shipping

This is a bonus more about the distributor: FilterWater. By buying from their website, those inside continental USA are eligible for free shipping on all orders over $99.

Since these filters cost above the free shipping requirement, you need not pay for any shipping to receive the product. It will typically be sent within 2 to 3 days.

Produces up to 100 Gallons Per Day

A common issue with a lot of water filters is the time taken to filter water and the output amount.

Saving any stress, you can get up to an impressive 100 gallons per day of freshly filtered water. You won’t need to worry about running out at any rate, realistically. (Though the 4 Gallon holding tank might not hold up too well if you do run that much at once!)


Onto the cons of this water filter… This reverse osmosis filter review considers the most significant disadvantages, which will help us to give a more detailed and unbiased verdict.

Extra and Replacement Parts Must Be Purchased Seperately

We mentioned above that the extra parts were positive aspect. They allow you to add minerals back into the water and create a more natural pH level.

However, many of the filter parts will be optimally functional only for a certain amount of time before needing replacement. This is to be expected for a multistage water filter like this, but for one with so many stages it means that replacements will be more required.

We mentioned above the approximate costs that this could bring about each year. Unfortunately, these are necessary and typical for these kinds of filters. This can make the replacement cartridges feel like an additional cost, and more than some people may be willing to pay.

As it comes with no replacement filters or mineralisers from the initial purchase, you’ll have to get more after time. And, to add the minerals back in is a small investment on its own. This is because the filter doesn’t do so without the additional cartridge.

Requires Space To Install

This one is kind of a given, but not always practical.

As you may be able to see from the image at the start, the filter isn’t exactly small. After all, in is something that needs to be plumbed into your water supply.

This will need to take up space somewhere. Most often, people keep these under their sink where they are more out of the way and less visible. Other options may include wherever you can fit it or outside if you can keep it covered properly.

If you make a space outside, imagine the area first.

Running Costs

For the average household, it may run up to $250. This is a disadvantage, the cost is incurred simply for making use of the filter as you may a tap.

Overall this does make so reverse osmosis filter an expensive option. It provides a lot of quality but also comes at a price. The value for money provided by this filter is certainly in its positive range, but that range isn’t ideal for everyone.

Lower PH

This reason enforces the fact that you should really get the mineraliser/alkaliser if you get the filter.

Having a lower pH level isn’t ideal, it makes the water more acidic. Long-term this may affect health, and over time could corrode materials like metal and plastic. Unfortunately, this leaves it more susceptible to pollutants (which I do find quite ironic).

This could take away from the water filter benefits if not prevented.

These pollutants include some of those which were removed by filtration such as toxic metals and plastics.

Ideally, drinking water should be between 6.5 to 8.5 when it comes to pH levels, according to The United States EPA.

Anyway, a higher pH alkaline water is said to taste better and have more health benefits. Although these benefits have not been officially proven, the theory behind them does make some sense by helping to keep our acidity levels stable. Our body does a good job at this anyway, but as we may have so much water it’s possibly more impactful.

The health claims include that it can help with metabolism, regulating your own pH, support immune system health, increase blood oxygen levels, and more.


Final Verdict – Is This Filter The Best Available?

To conclude, here is our overall score for the filter, and we’ll give a breakdown of why this is afterwards. Before I do, tell me what you would give this as a rating! Do you find it interesting? Would you get one? Leave a quick comment below. 🙂


… … …

Overall, I rate this a positive 8 out of 10.


In this Crystal Quest Thunder 4000M(P) Reverse Osmosis Filter Review, we have discussed in depth the positives and negatives about this filter.

Being one with a price range of other premium filters, it’s important to analyse whether or not it stands up to the mark….

We all like to jump on the bandwagon sometimes, and the increasing trend of using water filters is certainly worth it. But, another useful idiom here is “look before you leap”. (I just realised they make sense together! Get it?)

To summarise…

This is a highly effective water filter. And quite possibly the best reverse osmosis system (2019).

With 17 stages of purification, it does a lot for your health and taste buds. Additionally, it provides high value for its money, especially considering the warranty and financing options and free shipping from

Like other water filters of its kind, it does require replacement parts. These can cost a considerable amount altogether, despite being necessary. Furthermore, if you’re getting this filter, it is highly recommended to get the extra mineraliser cartridge, which usually costs $69.

The positive sides undeniably outweigh the negatives. But for some the negatives may be more significant, which is why I give a well-deserved 8 out of 10 for this product. It will suit a lot of people’s needs for sure.

So if you said you’re interested, you can Pick One Up Here!

[Or Here if you need a pressure pump c:]

Alternative Options:

If this isn’t for you, perhaps look at this cheaper filter if you’d still like high quality drinking water. Or, you can check out The Top 5 Water Filters For Drinking Water!

Read: A Make Water Pure Distiller Review

The above distiller is high-quality, and comes at a much more affordable price. It works well in the kitchen and can provide much better water than tap water, whilst being cheaper water than bottled.

That’s it for this review, thank you for sticking with me on this, and well done for finding more information before making a decision. That’s always wise, as any Ronin would tell you.

Until next time, stay healthy

Products & Services

A Make Water Pure Distiller Review – Is It Worth Your Money?

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, all this means is that Healthy Ronin receives a commission from purchases made using links on this page. This is at no additional cost to you, and only helps to keep the website running. For our full Affiliate Disclosure, you can click here. Enjoy your stay!

You’re determined to eliminate toxins from your water (and body), great! But there are many options available. Here’s what you know to know in this ‘Make Water Pure’ Distiller review.

Make Water Pure Distiller ReviewMake Water Pure Distiller Review - Water Filter With 2 Year Warranty, Carbon Filter, and Glass Jug

  • Overall Rating: 9/10
  • Price: £113 – £129
  • Best Place to Purchase:
  • Customer Reviews: Very Positive
  • Guarantee: 2 Year Warranty
  • Material: Stainless Steel Filter, Glass or Polycarbonate Jug

In our previous posts, we’ve spoken about different types of water filters and why we should use them. However, there’s something missing – in-depth reviews. Today we will cover a ‘Make Water Pure Distiller’ review, discussing the pros, the cons, and delivering an overall verdict.

Make Water Pure is a producer and seller of household distillation units. They are well-trusted, but no filter is perfect (right?), so let’s explore this more.

What Does It Do?

Distillation is a popular way to filter drinking water, and the Make Water Pure company manufactures so-called water distillers.

In order to remove impurities, distillers boil water and then collect the Steam. In effect, everything in the water that has a higher boiling point than water itself will be removed. This covers a wide range of impurities.

However, certain impurities on live by distillation filters alone, such as volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) and microplastics. These may lead to multiple adverse health effects, including hormone disruption (^), neurodegeneration (^), and even cancer (^). This isn’t all they can do though.

This is where the Make Water Pure distillers stand out from others, by also including activated carbon filters.

  • Distillation itself effectively removes (^):
    • Chlorine
    • Fluoride
    • Bacteria
    • Heavy Metals
    • Dissolved Solids
    • Organic Compounds
    • Nitrates
    • Sediments
    • Minerals
    • Flavours and Odours
  • By further filtering with carbon, we can remove other harmful chemicals, including:
    • VOCs
    • Microplastics like BPA.

Additionally, the activated carbon will help to remove any chlorine, chlorine by-products, flavours and odours, and sediment (should any get past distillation in small amounts).

The distillation process arguably removes more contaminants than any other single water filtration system alone. But, the best filters combine multiple filtration aspects and technologies to produce high quality water.

Fresh Healthy Filtered Drinking Water in Glass

How To Use Your Water Filter

All you have to do is fill your filter, place the collection jug under the spout, switch it on, and wait! It takes about 3-4 hours to produce 4L of fresh distilled water, and you can do anything you want in that time!

Not bad, right? Let’s look at the advantages in some detail for our water distiller review, and then the disadvantages.

Pros – What’s Good?

Positive Reviews

Trust Pilot Positive Reviews Banner - Make Water Pure Water Distiller Review

One of the reasons I have chosen to share this filter with you all, is because I know it can be trusted. The customer reviews are very positive across different websites. A lot of customers are pleasantly surprised with the results, from the amount filtered to the taste.

To read them yourself, here are reviews from Trustpilot, Amazon, and the manufacturer’s website (the best place to purchase from).

The worst reviews comment on the taste, conversely. It will take a short while to get used to for some, but it is certainly worth it and you will learn to love it! Another customer’s Make Water Pure water distiller review mentioned something important about the jug being heavy – it is 4L after all, so caution is advised.

Cheap Price and Warranty (Good Value For Money)

There are multiple ways in which this filter can save you money. First of all, its purchase price is great value for what it provides: A functional and effective distiller, a 4-litre water jug, 2 years warranty, and up to 3 years’ worth of carbon filters.

Competing filters may come at higher or lower prices, but may not offer a glass jug, carbon filters, cleaners, or a trustworthy warranty. Therefore, you’re getting more ‘bang for your buck’ as they say.

Additionally, the running costs are convenient too! This water distiller costs around 3kwh to filter 4 litres, equating to approximately £0.50 – that’s just £0.13 per litre! Compare that to bottled water, and you could be looking at up to 1/10 of the price.

Faster Than Competitors (Save Time)

This is an aspect that the Make Water Pure distillers are also good on – speed. It takes between 3 to 4 hours to filter 4 litres of water. This is faster than other filters, and definitely on par with high-quality competitors (which often don’t offer the same benefits this filter, such as activated carbon).

This means that you can leave the filter on and running whilst you’re out. You can even do so overnight so it is ready for the next day. And the large capacity makes quite convenient as you can store the water.

It’s Simple and Effective

In my honest opinion, this water distiller is an even more effective filter than many others.

This is because of the amount it removes, and the fact that it also includes the aforementioned carbon filters. If you go for this filter, I highly recommend that you get the activated carbon once it runs out to remove harmful chemicals and experience better tasting water.

This filter removes a great amount of contaminants, does so at a good speed, and is easy to use.

Requires No Supervision

We’ve basically covered this already, but it’s worth making a point of. When you don’t have 3 to 4 hours to spare (which to be honest, when do a lot of people), it doesn’t mean that you can’t use your filter.

Much like a slow cooker, you can leave this on and running whilst you are going about your day. Once it’s finished, it will automatically turn off. Convenient, right?

Easy to Use

Who said technology is confusing? It doesn’t have to be. Once again, this filter is very easy to use. Really!

  1. Clean the filter (quick) and rinse
  2. Fill with water
  3. Place jug under water spout
  4. Press ‘On’, wait for it to filter, and enjoy the result!

This Make Water Pure distiller review, as any other, has to look at how easy it really is for customers to use the product. I can confidently say when it comes to simplicity, this definitely doesn’t lack.

Fresher Taste and Odour

Many people, myself included, do not enjoy the taste of tap water. It’s just not nice! And oftentimes, you can smell the chemicals in it too.

If you are used to the taste, you may have to redefine your taste to enjoy distilled water.

But, once you appreciate this about purer water, you won’t want to go back. It does taste different (a lot of people say fresher) due to lower amounts of dissolved oxygen, chemicals, and minerals. (We will speak about the lack of minerals later).

This water distiller does a great job at improving the flavour and odour.

Next Day U.K. Delivery

Next Day U.K. Delivery - Make Water Pure distiller review

Yet again showing convenience, Make Water Pure offer next day UK Mainland delivery on all orders of or above £99.

Provided that you place your order before 4 p.m., you’ll be eligible to receive your distiller the very next day for no additional charge! (If after 4 p.m. It will be the day after).

This delivery is fully tracked and is flexible, meaning that you will know the exact status of your order, and – if need be – you can change the date of delivery. Additionally, you can request it to be left somewhere safe such as with a neighbour, and more received notification for your 1 hour delivery slot.

For those outside of the UK, Make Water Pure also deliver to Europe. In this case it will typically take 3 to 5 working days from dispatch to arrive. You can email them for a quote if you would like international delivery outside of Europe.

Cons – What’s There to Improve?

Removes Healthy Minerals

This is a point of slight controversy when it comes to water distillation. Unfortunately, when we distill water, we also removed minerals like calcium and magnesium. These are beneficial to our health and play important roles in the body.

Here is why there is debate:
We can get our daily calcium and magnesium intake from food and other drink sources. This shouldn’t be difficult with a healthy balanced diet. However, the World Health Organisation (^) states the benefits of mineralised water, mentioning evidence for consequences of a lack of minerals in water.

This is what has stirred up a little debate. Many people enjoy this water daily and don’t seem to report problems, but these minerals are still important. The recommendation would be to add minerals back in (which is easy*), particularly for infants, children, and those with medical conditions. Otherwise you can also mix up your water consumption with other types.

*To remineralise water, there are several things you can do. The easiest methods are using mineral drops or adding a pinch of (pink) Himalayan salt (but member not too much).

Polycarbonate Jug

The polycarbonate jug which comes with comes with some of these water filter options is not BPA-free. And since you are effectively adding hot steam into it, there is the possibility for it to leach chemicals. I find this kind of counterintuitive for a water distiller, but they do offer a glass jug which is a much better option!

I would highly recommend that you go for the glass one if you decide to purchase a filter.

Some Filters are More Effective

Whilst this filter is certainly efficient and well-functioning, there are more expensive filters which may remove a little more contamination. The largest competitor is the MegaHome filter, which does take longer and cost more initially, but may remove a small amount of impurities more.

Overall Verdict

Overall, I rate this a 9 out of 10. The pros certainly outweigh the cons, and for a water distiller it is one of the top available on the market.


Product Rating 9 - Healthy Ronin

In this Make Water Pure distiller review, we have explained what the filter really is, how it functions and compares to competing filter, and a considerable range of positive along with negatives. So to answer our question – yes! It likely is worth your money if you’re considering it.

It has very positive customer experiences overall, provides great value for money, and does a lot for your health in an easy and efficient way. A promising part of the filter is the warranty, meaning that if it doesn’t arrive or function as it should, replacements, repairs, or refunds are available (^).

Fortunately, any cons that may be encountered are easily worked around. This includes a lack of minerals, using a plastic jug, or receiving a faulty product.

Pick up your Make Water Pure water distiller here.

Let me know of your experiences with water filters, I would love to read them below! (Especially if you use a water distiller 🙂 – that way you get to help out the community too!)

Thank you for reading and taking the time to learn more about this water filter.

Until next time, stay healthy

What Does It Do?

Distillation is a popular way to filter drinking water, and the Make Water Pure company manufactures so-called water distillers. In order to remove impurities, distillers boil water and then collect the Steam. In effect, everything in the water that has a higher boiling point than water itself will be removed. This covers a wide range of impurities.

How To Use Your Water Filter?

All you have to do is fill your filter, place the collection jug under the spout, switch it on, and wait! It takes about 3-4 hours to produce 4L of fresh distilled water, and you can do anything you want in that time. Once it’s finished, simply take your water jug, use what you need, and refrigerate the rest.

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The Top Water Filters For Drinking Water – Top 5 For Every Purpose!

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, all this means is that Healthy Ronin receives a commission from purchases made using links on this page. This is at no additional cost to you, and only helps to keep the website running. For our full Affiliate Disclosure, you can click here. Enjoy your stay!

From advanced, whole-house water purifying systems to handy fill-and-go water bottles, these are the top water filters for true quality to benefit your health (and your preferences)!

Fresh Pure Clean Drinking Water For Health - The Top Water Filters

Water filters. An important matter in this age, and yet still a point of confusion! No doubt you’ve probably found yourself here because you’re looking for the best water filter for you…

And you’re in luck! Today will be covering this topic in-depth, so we can clear up the confusion on this matter.

Using a water filter for travel and in the household is becoming increasingly popular, and for good reason…

So, let’s see which which water filters are best for different purposes, and why we should be using them more.

What Are the Best Water Filters for Drinking?

Water filters are an important item in many healthy households and for those looking to remove chemicals and toxins from their life.

You may know that water is an essential ingredient in life, and indeed a powerful detoxifier. However, many people aren’t aware of the toxins found lurking in their own water supplies.

In fact, water contaminants are often overlooked when eliminating harmful ingredients and chemicals.

Believe it or not, drinking your tap or bottled water, and using unfiltered water for washing presents its own risks. Adverse health effects have been observed from some of the chemicals found in water supply, including both minor and major ailments. Our last article dove into the details and explored exactly why to use a water filter.

Different water filters do different things, and today we will be giving an overview. Try not to miss out on some of these!

5. Reverse Osmosis Systems

The lowest item on our list is the reverse osmosis system. Whilst certainly being one of the top water filters for household or other indoor use, the reverse osmosis system has a few disadvantages along with its benefits.

Reverse osmosis (RO) works by using pressure to transport water through a semi-permeable membrane. In effect, this will filter out any particles on molecules larger than water.

First we will discuss the advantages (pros) of using a reverse osmosis system. Afterwards, it will speak about the downsides (cons), and then create a final verdict.

In Most RO Systems, These Will Be Removed from the Water:

  • Heavy metals such as Lead and Mercury
  • Sediment 
  • Chlorine 
  • Chlorine By-products 
  • Some Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) (as opposed to some claims ^)
  • Minerals 
  • Fluoride 
  • Some bacteria, cysts, viruses, and pathogens 
  • Hormones and Pharmaceuticals 
  • Some Microplastics

As you can see, reverse osmosis eliminates and reduces a lot of different contaminants in water. However, it does also remove minerals, speak about soon.

In Most RO Systems, Variable Amounts of the Following Will Still Remain in the Water:

  • VOC’s (including herbicides and pesticides)
  • Microplastics (including BPA)
  • Chlorine 
  • Chlorine By-products (including trihalomethanes)

Additonally, Reverse Osmosis systems often waste more water than they output!

That makes them rather inefficient and perhaps costly (at least quantitatively). The remaining chemicals can have the ability to cause have multiple adverse health effects, including cancer, decreased organ function, and more. How to get around this?

Here’s a System to Remove Much More!

Fortunately, some reverse osmosis filters come with built-in carbon blocks…

Carbon block filters eliminate the above contaminants further, resulting in much safer drinking water. Because of this, it is more worthwhile getting a reverse osmosis system with carbon rather than without.

Tap - Beneficial Reverse Osmosis Water Filter - The Top Water Filters

If you are interested in your own RO system, it’s important to get a quality one. Here are our recommendations.

Both of the following filters operate best with water pressures above 45 and 30 PSI respectively. To test your water pressure you call your County, water supplier, or use a pressure gauge (would you should be able to find at a hardware store).

The iSpring RCC7AK 6-Stage RO Filter is one of the best on the market. It has as extremely positive customer reviews (4 / 5 stars), and has significant advantages over other filters.

In particular, what sets this apart from other reverse osmosis systems is the six stages that it uses. Most reverse osmosis filters remove beneficial minerals, however this one adds the minerals back into the water afterwards. This results in a less acidic and better tasting, healthier water!

It costs about 8p per day for the average household, so is much cheaper than bottled water. Water filters are often long-term investments, and as such save money over time

  • Pros
    • Effective filtration
    • 6 Stages (with carbon filters)
    • Added minerals
    • Over 1,000 contaminants removed by up to 99% (98% for lead)
    • 1-Year Limited Warranty
    • 1-Year Money Back Guarantee
    • Positive customer reviews
  • Cons
    • Higher price value
    • Supplies a single tap
    • Requires space under sink / tap
    • On a 6-month to 12-month basis, sanitisation and individual filter replacements are necessary

Pick up your iSpring filter here: (UK Filter / US Filter).

The perfect all-in-one kitchen filter to last years and suit the whole family.

Another Option… Budget-Friendly and Still Powerful

Now, for a more budget-friendly option: a 6-stage distillation filter isn’t always the most affordable option.

I believe the next best for a price at under £100 is the Finerfilters 4-Stage. This provides some useful reverse osmosis systems for a cheaper price, but unfortunately doesn’t add back any minerals.

For a lower price, it does come with some considerable benefits, but there are some considerations. The first consideration is the said reduction of minerals. Please read the final notes on ‘2. Distillation Filters’ to see if this should be a concern.

  • Pros
    • Budget-friendly
    • Effectively removes contaminants
    • Up to 190 litres of fresh water per day
    • 3 US Gallon holding tank
    • Positive customer reviews
    • 4 Stages (with carbon filter and fluoride removal)
    • Membrane lasts for 1 to 2 years (replaceable)
  • Cons
    • Removes natural minerals*
    • More acidic
    • On a 6-month basis, filters must also be replaced (£13.49)

* The lack of minerals may not be something to worry about for most, as we get pretty much all of our minerals from food. Particularly so if you have a balanced and well-rounded healthy diet.

That means including plenty of nutrient-dense whole foods: meat, fish, offal, vegetables, legumes, nuts, fruits, eggs, dairy, and so on (as you can tolerate).

However, there is opposing evidence considering water minerals. As it happens, water can also prove a considerable source of these important nutrients. This is something we go into more detail about when discussing distillers (2.).

4. Carbon Filters

These are some effective water filters in their applicability, as seen above. Carbon filters help to remove a range of different contaminants, and are less wasteful than reverse osmosis systems.

They find themselves an important part in different types of water filter systems, and typically filter particles from 0.5 to 50 micrometres. The smaller the size, the more removed, but the longer it takes.

What Do Carbon Filters Do?

In a list, here’s what a carbon filter can remove (^):

  • Chlorine
  • Volatile organic compounds
  • Sediment
  • Chlorine byproducts (including trihalomethanes)
  • Microplastics*
  • Microorganisms (if larger than filter size)
  • Other synthetic chemicals
  • Unpleasant taste and odours

*P.S. More microplastics will be removed with a smaller filter particle size. A carbon filter with at least 2.5 micrometres as a filter size should remove all microplastics. A lot of plastic particles are larger than this, though.

Adding carbon filters to other filter systems can therefore increase the reduction of these in water.

These elegant filters work by adsorbing contaminants (trapping them on their particle surfaces), and can be highly effective due to activated carbon’s amazing surface area.

1 gram of activated carbon may have a surface area between 500 to 1500 m2 or even more! To put that into perspective, just 380 grams (with an area of 1000 m squared per gram) would have the same surface area as the area of the Isle of Wight!

As you can imagine, only a little is needed, and it typically lasts a long time.

Here Is What Carbon Alone Will Often Not Remove:

  • Fluoride
  • Minerals
  • Dissolved inorganic compounds (such as heavy metals)
  • Some microplastics*
  • Microorganisms smaller than filter size
  • Salt

Whilst you can get more complex systems which filter these, too, there are cheaper alternatives which also use activated carbon.

Top Choice in The UK:

BRITA provide a High Quality Water Filter Jug with carbon filters included. This is currently available for an excellent 31% discount.

The jug includes two filters (which lasts 4 weeks each) and is covered by a free 30-day guarantee and part replacement service.

Amazon’s Choice
Comes in Graphite, Blue, and White

Top Choice in The US: users admittedly have an advantage. Here is another excellent option which I wish we had in the UK!

Nakii is a highly trusted company providing similar water filter jugs. The ‘Long Lasting Pitcher’ utilises carbon in a BPA-free jug which filters up to 150 gallons!

25% Discount Now Available

A More ‘Permanent’ Solution:

Carbon filters also find themselves in handy devices which don’t need replacing as often as some jugs.

One of the best carbon filter options is arguably the TAPP (2) filter (Amazon UK). In fact, it reduces more heavy metals, cysts, microplastics, and chloramines. These need replacing less often and attach straight to your tap.

You can expect a larger investment at £59.99, but the quality and durability may well be worth it.

The carbon filter made it as number (4.) due to its widespread applicability, and little waste of water. Keep reading to find out which of the best drinking water filters rank even higher! Onto the top 3…

3. (Travel) Filter Bottles

Filter bottles have made a place on this list due to the convenience they provide. You can get bottles designed to remove different kinds of contaminants from the water…

They can save money, plastic, and time.

Some of them focus on fluoride (which you’ll need depending on location), whilst others on unwelcome microorganisms such as bacteria. Most of the time, you’ll be able to find bottles that remove many types of contaminants.

The Importance of Quality:

When it comes to buying a water filter, you’ll want one that’s reliable… One that you can be thankful for…

A lot of bottles on the market require constant replacement, or at least their parts do. This is because, over time, the filters need replacing to work effectively. However, some are designed to last longer than others and do a much better job. In terms of the benefits they provide to health, different bottles remove different contaminants.

Drink Responsibly Filtered Water

Most are designed also to be for everyday use and travelling (including hiking, camping, and sports), but I will give my verdict on the best ones for each use, to suit your interests. 🙂 So, what are your interests?

The Best Filter Bottle for General, Everyday Use:

For everyday use, a water bottle that effectively removes chemicals from tap water is likely to be the best. Commonly, these chemicals will include the following and more:

  • Chlorine
  • Chlorine By-products
  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) – such as pesticides and herbicides
  • BPA
  • Heavy Metals
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Fluoride
  • Sediment and dirt

Prolonged or acute exposure to these chemicals can have many possible harmful effects.

Epic Water Filters is a company that provides all sorts of water filters, including the ‘Epic Nalgene’. This may seem like a travel bottle, but it is so much more.

A brilliant option for everyday use, many customers have had great results with this water bottle.

The filter in this bottle removes hundreds of contaminants, including much of those listed above. One of the greatest parts is its capacity, with each replaceable water filter lasting an average of 3 to 4 months, and filtering 285 litres (or 75 gallons) of water. And that’s if used regularly.

Here is a breakdown of the Customer Reviews – averaging at 4 / 5 stars:

  • Pros:
    • Effective water filter
    • Great taste
    • Easy to use
    • Alternative to bottled water (and more environmentally friendly – 100% Recyclable and BPA-Free)
  • Cons:
    • May be prone to leaking (in some cases)

As you may expect, the fact that it has leaked for some people doesn’t give it the best rating for travel or sports.

Ideal for those looking to filter water on the go: from the tap, at work, or even streams and freshwater!

Therefore, it seems most effective for more casual use. However, other people have used it more actively without problem, including at the gym.

Additionally, it’s designed to remove bacteria, viruses, and microorganisms, meaning it’s also a great travel companion for the casual hiker or explorer who has access to natural freshwater.

The benefits of this definitely do outweigh the cons, but for those to who are a bit more active and adventurous here’s a travel filter built to shine…

The Best Filter Bottles for Travelling Use: “Water Water Everywhere and Every Drop to Drink!”

Okay, okay… So, I don’t actually mean the sea here.

For filtering salt water, travel bottles – as far as I can find – are not a viable option. For that you’ll need RO, Distillation, or something else specialised.

Continuing from above, we are now looking for a water bottle filter that is durable, and removes contaminants including microorganisms.

When hiking, travelling, or camping (etc.), bringing all your own water isn’t always practical. Finding a river, puddle, lake, or tap can be a lifesaver, but only if you can access clean water. Many natural sources of water are not safe for human consumption, and a water bottle filter can change this.

There are two different filters I would recommend for this, depending on your needs. Both of these are currently Amazon’s choice as well.

The First One Is the WaterWell Travel Filter

Water Well Travel Ultra Filtration Water Bottle - The Top Water Filters

This filter can remove up to 99.9% of parasites from any freshwater sources. Additionally, it filters out some VOC’s and organic chemicals, and chlorine. It has very positive reviews from people having experienced it in their travels, with most of them pleasantly surprised considering their expectations.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t effectively filter salty water (including seawater), viruses, heavy metals, chemicals, or minerals. And in case you were to try, it won’t filter pool or effluent water either.

It has 4 / 5 stars on Amazon. According to satisfied customers, it has been safely used in Nepal and in Peru.

Therefore, whilst this water bottle is great for many outdoor situations, if you were travelling anywhere particularly risky or polluted, there may be better alternatives. This is particularly true if your water sources would be prone to modern contaminants.

The AquaPure Removes More Microorganisms

The AquaPure filter effectively kills more bacteria, viruses, and removes pathogens. Additionally, it does remove heavy metals, more chemicals, and faecal matter.

Customer reviews have mentioned it being used in India, Egypt, Russia, and Nepal! Other reviews of positive experiences in their travels also comment on its effectiveness and durability. In short, it is a pretty reliable product.

If you were to go for bottle for its quality and reliability, this is the one to go for. It will not filter out chlorine, but when travelling this shouldn’t be much of a concern in most cases.

The AquaPure bottle can be used effectively for sports, travelling, and emergencies. As it can filter up to 350 Litres of clean, tasteless, and odourless water, it is suitable for long or multiple trips.

2. Distillation Filters

Distillation is a process by which water is boiled and the steam collected. The condensed steam is what is used as the purified water, and anything left behind is discarded.

Essentially, this removes all impurities with a boiling point higher than that of water.

These impurities include:

  • Bacteria
  • Minerals
  • Nitrates
  • Dissolved solids
  • Sediment
  • Heavy metals 
  • Organic compounds (but not synthetic chemicals, including some pesticides and herbicides) 
  • Fluoride
  • Chlorine

This results in very soft water, particularly when compared to any plain tap or bottled water you’ll find.

On average, this will cost you about 9p per litre – almost a 7th of the price of bottled water.

Most water distillers output around 4 litres of fresh water for every 3 kilowatt hours.

Which One to Get?

Distillation itself will not remove all of the volatile organic chemicals, and might not remove microplastics. To get rid of these, you should use a water filter that includes a carbon filter.

The top water filters for distilling are quite possibly the ‘Make Water Pure’ distillers.

Read: Make Water Pure Distiller Review – Is It Worth It?

The reason I recommend these is due to the outstanding customer reviews, and the fact that they comes with a 2 year warranty! Additionally, the silver stainless steel models come with 3 years worth of carbon filters.

They also come with a 4L collection jug, which can be either glass or plastic.

For the price they comes at, the effective water distillers are a brilliant investment. And if you don’t like them what have any issues, you can always return them using the warranty.

  • Pros
    • 2 Year Warranty for FREE
    • Effective
    • 12 Carbon Filters (3 Year’s Worth) for FREE
    • High quality
    • Cheaper than alternatives for long-term
    • Collection jug (incl. Glass – BPA free)
  • Cons
    • Will need periodic cleaning
    • Eventually, you have to buy more carbon filters (£5.99 or less per year)
    • Removes Minerals
Distilled water - The Top Water Filters

The taste of distilled water is quite different to tap water, due to the chemicals, minerals, and dissolved oxygen being removed.

Should You Worry about It Removing Minerals?

The lack of minerals possibly isn’t anything to worry about for most, as we get pretty much all of our minerals from food… Particularly if you have a balanced and well-rounded healthy diet.

This is up for debate though, as having mineralised water does provide benefits (^). In particular, calcium and magnesium in water prove considerable in their amounts.

One option is to combine this with other types of water, to prevent an imbalance in electrolytes or minerals. This would be particularly important for infants and those with medical conditions or unhealthy diets.

Unfortunately, keeping and using multiple filters for daily use isn’t always possible or practical.

If you would prefer to keep the minerals, this isn’t the best option for you. Look at the multi-stage filter (1.) or the iSpring RO System (5.)…

1. Multi-Stage Water Filters

Without a doubt, the most effective water filters on the market are the Multi-stage ones.

These combine the abilities and technologies of different types of filter systems to create an all-round purifier. You can even get ones that add important minerals back into the water, making them much more beneficial, too!

A top-of-the-line water filter in this respect is the 17-stage Water Purifier by Crystal Quest.

Fortunately, it provides much better positive value for money than competing filters, whilst providing very similar benefits. What gives?

For starters, this advertises itself as a Reverse Osmosis system, whereas others don’t (although they are). After all, these filters work with RO, but combine many other filtering technologies and applications.

So what really sets this apart? Well, let’s take a look into the Pros and the Cons of this filter.

Pros (The Good)

  • Cheaper than competitors (friendlier to your wallet!)
  • Trusted manufacturer and seller
  • Improves taste and pdour
  • Remineralises water*
  • Pressure pump included (makes life easier with faster filtration)
  • Effectively Filters: Chlorine, Chlorine By-products, Pathogens (bacteria, viruses, parasites), Colloids, Proteins, Fluoride*, Sediment, Heavy Metals, VOC’s, Pesticides and Herbicides, Dissolved Chemicals, and hundreds of contaminants more… (^)
  • Inhibits bacterial growth
  • Retains healthy pH
  • 17-Stages of purification
  • Up to 100 gallons per day, with a 4 Gallon Holding Tank
  • 6-32 month filter life – depending on part
  • 1-Year warranty (#)

Cons (to Consider)

  • Additional filter parts can / should be purchased individually*
  • No customer reviews
  • Requires space – must be installed under the sink, though compact.
  • Parts must be replaced over time – much like other systems, you will need to periodically replace filter parts.
  • A licensed plumber is required for the warranty to apply (#)

Extra notes:

* The filter itself will not remineralise the water. As a result, there are simple ways to do so! Instead, you can purchase necessary cartridges to fit into your water filter.

The natural alkaliser is used to add beneficial minerals such as calcium, magnesium, sodium, and potassium back into to your drinking water, and lasts for up to one year.

As you can see, this filter is certainly one you can have confidence in.

It has proven effects on a great number of contaminants, lowering their concentrations to minimal levels. For the best effects, the additional cartridge is necessary, and yet this still will put you out at cheaper price than competitors would!

Using an intelligent combination of resources and tools, the water purifier can he have some remarkable results and has been well researched. If you want to make a choice and invest for the long-term advantages, this is a good choice for you.

It can also be purchased for as low as $20 per month with an easy credit application.

Summing It up… Or Filtering It down!

In modern life, much of our water is contaminated with many different chemicals, harmful compounds, and more.

Not only that, but when you’re out and about – even when hiking or in the countryside – there are much better options than bottled water (which is often worse than your tap water)!

With these water filters, you could protect your and your family’s health in the long run, and enjoy your tap water with confidence – just as it should be.

We have spoken about five of the top different types of water filters, and why they might or may not be suited for you. Some of the most popular types water distillers and filter bottles, oftentimes because of their compactness and portability.

If you enjoyed learning about water filters, or have experiences of your own, I’d love to hear them below!

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Until next time, stay healthy